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In Focus: How To Ditch That Toxic Friend From Your Life

In Focus: How To Ditch That Toxic Friend From Your Life

Losing a friend is hard, especially if you’ve been through everything with this person. But it’s harder when this friend is actually the one who’s putting you in trouble.

A toxic romantic relationship will drain you to the core, and so does a toxic friendship. So before you fall deeper in the hole, ditch this friend. It will not only help you find inner peace, but it will also help her see the cons of this kind of personality.


1. Identify the issue first. Before you cut ties with your friend, identify first what makes your friendship toxic. Is she a bully to you? Does she take advantage of you? Stop making excuses for your friend’s toxic behavior. If she shows you she doesn’t care about your feelings, then she doesn’t really care. There’s a fine line between someone being annoying and someone being toxic.


2. Share your point of view about the friendship. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. But if you want her to understand, then let your toxic friend know what you feel about how she treats you. Tell your friend the things she did that made you feel upset, the things you were afraid to tell her before because she might get mad. Letting her know might make her understand where you’re coming from in case you decided to completely end the friendship. But do tell her in a kind and mature way to not make things worse.

3. Create boundaries. Sometimes, you can’t hangout because you’re busy reviewing for your finals. It seems like a logical reason to say "no," but your toxic friend won’t understand that. It’s time to let her know that there are times when you can’t be with her and set some boundaries between the two of you.


4. Slowly pull away. This is probably the hardest thing to do because this is where it officially starts. You won’t try to save the friendship anymore. There may be times where they would try to bother you, but lean on the positive aspects of not having them in your life.

Breaking up with a friend will be like a romantic breakup, it’s going to be a process. It’s even harder when you’ve been friends since childhood, but that just proves that some people do really grow apart. Yes, it’s possible for you to miss your friend, and maybe the toxic routine you got used to. But don’t forget the boundaries you have set.

If needed, block them on social media. Don’t feel guilty about it. Friends should build each other, not pull each other down. Be gentle with yourself and start surrounding yourself with positive people. And you’ll see your life changing for the better.


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