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The Six Fix: Harsh Truths College Students Need To Hear

The Six Fix: Harsh Truths College Students Need To Hear




They say college is where you would learn to be independent and professional. They also say that your college life would be one of the best times of your life, but there are still things that make college more important and life-changing than it seems.

If you want to find out the things adults probably didn’t tell you about college, better read the list now. And no, it’s not the responsible cute guys you’re going to meet nor the absolute freedom you are longing to have.


1. Being a Cum Laude won’t matter, but passing your courses will.

Yes, it’s cool when you’re running for Cum Laude. And you should really boast about being one of the students with a high GPA, but don’t let your life revolve around it because it won’t matter in the real world. Surprised? The truth is most companies pay more attention with your skills rather than your certificates and medals. In this case, passing your courses is more important because that will determine if you’ll graduate or not.

2. Studying at a well-known university does not guarantee you a job.

Where you graduated does not matter to most companies, so don’t slack just because you think you don’t have to worry about being unemployed. Reality check! Your dream job won’t go knocking on your door just because you graduated at a prominent college. You are the one applying, so these companies have no idea what you’re capable of and they won’t assume based on your school.

3. There’s a possibility that you won’t end up with the person you’re dating now.

Of course, your present boyfriend is the one you see your future with. You wouldn’t officially date someone you want to be with for only one semester, right? But you have to remember that you’re still young. College may seem like the start of adulthood, but it’s only really a trial. You will meet new people once you graduate and you and your beau can’t stop that from happening. If your relationship is still going strong after it, then congratulations! But if not, don’t look at it as if it’s the end of your love life. You are only in your 20s after all!


4. You will grow apart with some people.

The girl you met during your first semester that you swore would be your forever college buddy will possibly become just an acquaintance as you go through your college life. And that’s okay. We’re not saying that it’s impossible to have a squad for life in college because that actually happens, and it’s one of the best things ever. It’s just that sometimes people come and go. So don’t hold on to someone you used hang out with, if the person chooses her new friends over you.

5. Your number one supporter and worst critic is yourself.

Real friends will support you in everything you do, but don’t depend on them at all times because they will also be busy being their own supporter. In college, you’ll realize how stressed out most of you are. Sometimes, being stressed reveals your inner perfectionist which will have an effect on how you’re going to react to the problem; you’ll become your worst critic. When this happens, be careful with the words you say to yourself. Make sure you are still your own cheerleader.

6. You can’t do everything on your own.

Although the only person you can count on 100% is yourself, there will be times that you will need help. So let that pride down and ask for help from your professors, blockmates, family, and friends.


Just because you don’t understand something, it doesn’t mean you’re a loser. You went to college for a reason, to figure out who you really are. And that’s the purpose of meeting people; some might become a lesson, while some might become a blessing. Don't let it get you down because you still have an amazing future ahead of you. And while you're at it: enjoy college, kids!


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