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In Focus: Which Riverdale Character Are You In Your Squad?

In Focus: Which Riverdale Character Are You In Your Squad?



In life, there's little else in the world that better salvages a rough day than vegging on the couch with your favorite TV series and pizza in front of you—especially if you’re watching Riverdale, the most anticipated American television series based on the characters of Archie Comics, which premiered last January. The series is not even a year old yet, but is already known as one of the most binge-worthy series of this year.

That’s why we’re more than thrilled that The CW renewed the series for a second season, which premiered today! To make it more fun, we made a list for you to find out which Riverdale character you can most relate to within your squad!

1. The Archie Andrews Archie Andrews is known for being a passionate lad, both as an athlete and a musician, that’s why most girls gush about him. He may act self-centered at times, but it’s only because he has dreams to chase. Still, he always makes sure that the people he loves are happy. If you’re the kind of friend who's willing to get your hands bloody (figuratively) just to save a friend, then hello, Archiekins!


2. The Betty Cooper

If you’re the sweetheart of the squad, then it’s best to say you’re the Betty because this girl next door is all about making new friends while still keeping the old ones. You’re sugar, spice, and everything nice. You’re probably the first one your friends would want to tell their problems to because you know what to tell them or what can make them feel better. You do have secrets, but who doesn’t? Still, you’re the kind of friend no one would want to lose!

3. The Veronica Lodge If you’re the life of the party, then say hello to your Riverdale soul mate, Veronica Lodge! The sophisticated fashionista is the complete opposite of her best friend, Betty Cooper. You’re sweet yet intoxicating, you know what you want and how you’re going to get it. You choose the people you hang out with, but you're the kind of friend everyone needs to have because you’re not afraid to tell 'em like it is—even if it's telling your best friend that the guy she likes doesn’t like her back. Ouch! You're also very fond of luxury, like expensive clothes and jewelry.


4. The Jughead Jones What’s more fun than having a little mystery in the squad? If you enjoy solving crimes, Jughead Jones is your Riverdale twin. This intriguing gentleman is the introvert that the squad might be crushing on. You don’t have a lot of friends because you want it that way. Yep, you like being invisible even if the squad might not get it at times. Although it may seem like you don’t care about your friends, you actually care a lot than they think. You may push away the people who love you, but all you really want is for them to stay beside you during your bad days.

5. The Cheryl Blossom Sass! Sass! Sass! Cheryl Blossom is the sassy young lady everybody is intimidated by. If you think you’re the Queen Bee of the squad, then you’re definitely Ms. Blossom. You’re very active at school, which is the reason why you spend less time with the squad. Still, if your friends need you, you’re happy to be there. Sometimes, people assume that you’re too independent. The truth is, you may look strong on the outside, but you're actually fragile on the inside.


6. The Kevin Keller If you’re the joker of the squad, then you and Kevin Keller have something in common! Kevin is the mood-setter of Riverdale, the reason why this thriller-drama series has a little bit of comedy in it. Like KK, you always know how to break the tension when there’s a problem at hand. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the problem at all, you just know how to make a situation less stressful. You’re the kind of friend that everyone wants to hang out to have a stress-free day!

7. The Josie McCoy If you’re Josie, then you’re the talented chick of the squad. You’re the one who joins all the talent competitions in and out of your school. Most of the time, you’re the one who floods the gang with concert or event invitations on Facebook. Even if there are times that no one  wants to go with you, you still manage to have fun. You believe that there’s no such thing as a song that can’t make your problems go away!


Juggling academics, relationships, and personal problems is a lot to deal with when you don’t want to disappoint your loved ones. With so many things going on in your life, you need a show that can relate to you on so many levels. It’s refreshing when you find a series that exhibits the struggles of your life or, in this case, makes you feel better because your life is quite easier than their lives. Teehee. Cheers, Riverdale!

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