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In Focus: Millennials Answer: What Would You Have Done Differently In College?

In Focus: Millennials Answer: What Would You Have Done Differently In College?



College. It’s feels like total freedom when compared to high school, but at the same time, it's your last hurrah before venturing into the “real world” too. How are you going to spend it? Given the chance to experience college all over again—what would you change? Check out how millennials answer this question below!


1.    Comfort zone? Keep out of it.

Siguro yung time na mahiyain pa talaga ako. I could’ve just made more friends. But it was overwhelming for me dahil sa dami ng tao na nakahalubilo ko nung freshman ako.” —Lucas, 25

“I would’ve made more effort to get to know people outside my circle, and engage in activities outside my comfort zone. That would mean being more open and less judge-y to people, opportunities, and experiences.” —Emma, 19


2. Go mingle.


“I'd like to say I would have joined more orgs or looked for more opportunities to travel to other countries as a student. Or maybe even just meet more people. But looking back, I think I’m quite contented with how I’ve spent my college days.” —Francis, 26

“I would have studied more, participated or attended school events, and met more people outside my course.” —Aleck, 23


3.  No regrets, just YOLO!

“Nothing. I’m thankful that I balanced my acads, the stress, sports, and my social life! My advice is to YOLO moderately. Haha!” —Michele, 21

“At the start of college, I was still kind of stuck in the YOLO high school mindset that I had left behind. I wasn't focused on my acads that much and it was only in my third year of college that I realized that I should stop messing around. So I did just that, and it worked! I got a pretty good GWA that could have made me one of the Cum Laudes, if it weren't for my 2.75 History grade back in the freshman year. My tip? Give all your best in college and save yourself the regrets!” —Liz, 19


College is definitely an experience that we would all love to go back to if we had the chance. So for kids who are still in school, we suggest you make the most out of it, because you'll definitely miss it no matter what when you're out in the real world.

What would you have done differently in college? Let us know in the comments below!



*All names have been changed.


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