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In Focus: Millennials Answer: Is College A Time For Serious Relationships?

In Focus: Millennials Answer: Is College A Time For Serious Relationships?



What else is there to do in college than date and possibly meet the love of your life? Well, aside from studying, of course. Chalk asks if it’s worth the time for serious love affairs:



1. “No. Ha ha! I was too committed to acads and extracurricular activities back then that I don’t think I would’ve been able to handle relationships at that time!” —Mel, 21

2. "Better pa kung happy crush lang, not super serious relationships. Maybe for the experience, but don’t think of long-term yet. You wouldn’t want to be looking back and be thinking of just one person, right?"—Steph, 19

3. "No, college is for meeting different kinds of people."—Martin, 23

4. "Nope. Sa nakita ko kasi, more or less, 'pag bata ka, you sort of have an idea of how you want your college life to be; but, really, life in your 20s is very unpredictable. Maraming unexpected ang pwedeng mangyari sa'yo. For me, it’s too soon for big decisions."—Ryan, 25



1. "Personally, I think you'd know—it'd be hard to ignore!—if you're ready to commit to a serious relationship. If you meet that someone [in college who] you're sure is also serious about you, I'd say go for it. College can be pretty stressful and a bit of kilig can take your mind off of that."—Michele, 19

2. "It's acceptable as long as the relationship allows for the two people involved to grow. I guess, in any stage of life, a relationship that inspires, motivates, and encourages you is a good thing to have. What needs to be avoided is a relationship that distracts and limits either of the parties involved from growing.” —Jaime, 26


Do you agree or disagree with any of these answers? What's your take on the debate? Share with us in the comments!


*All names have been changed.


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