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In Focus: 10 Types of Group Mates We All Had In College

In Focus: 10 Types of Group Mates We All Had In College


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Some college professors just can’t get enough of group works in their class. Sometimes when you’re lucky, you’ll be blessed with groupmates who are not just groupmatesb but will also be your friends. However, there are times when you’re grouped with the worst groupmates you will ever have. Either way, all of us have probably had a groupmate in college who are just like the ones listed below:

1. The All-Knowing Commander

We all probably had that annoying group mate who did nothing but give orders and distribute tasks to the group members. Worse, what they want should be followed or else, there will probably be World War III in your group. 

2. The Team Leader

They are the opposite of an all-knowing commander. They distribute tasks equally among members and encourage everyone in the group. They do tasks as well and not just give orders. They’re probably the best group leader we’ll ever have.

3. The Ghosts

They’re our most favorite (sarcasm intended) groupmates. They’re the ones who never showed up, never helped, and never contributed anything. Then they magically show up after the presentation or after the requirement has been passed.


4. The Uninformed

They are the sibling of the ghosts because they are always unaware of what’s happening in the group. Whether they don't ask or they don't really bother to know what’s happening, it’s better off if you just do the job rather than relying on them get it done. 


5. The Procrastinator

Since procrastination is a talent among college students, we all probably had to work with someone who does the work assigned to them hours or minutes before the deadline. They may seem like a good groupmate at first—attending meetings and being responsive but it’s hard to expect quality output from them.


6. The Critic

They’re the ones who are always displeased with the group’s output. They always complain and will never be satisfied with anything the group comes up with.


7. The Superhero

When everything doesn’t go out as planned, they are there to save the day. When the laptop for the presentation doesn’t work, or someone forgot to bring what they’re supposed to bring, the superhero groupmates are always ready to run errands and go back to class as fast as Flash.


8. The Peace Maker

When we have to work with the group longer, tension may build up when you know each other’s work ethics already, when you don’t want someone’s attitude, or when you’re not comfortable working with a member in your group. That’s where the pacifier’s job starts. They’re there to reconcile the members and reunite the group.


9. The Moral Supporter

They are always there to send moral support whether in the group chat or in person. They might not have valuable contribution in the project but they are important when everyone feels drained and exhausted in the middle of a project.


10. The Perfect Groupmate

In the sea of not-so-good types of groupmates, consider yourself lucky when you come across this type of groupmate. They give quality output as fast as they can, they attend meetings and contribute to brainstorming sessions, and they are pacifiers and moral supporters with valuable contribution to the group’s output.


Whether we had good or bad memories with our group mates, whether we’re friends or enemies with them, the important thing is that we get the chance to meet other people, work with them, and learn from them.


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