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The Six Fix: Gross But Satisfying Videos We Found On The Internet

The Six Fix: Gross But Satisfying Videos We Found On The Internet



The human body is the most marvelous thing that a person could explore. Sometimes it amazes us how beautiful and complex our body is, until we see these gross stuff on the Internet that will perplex and stress us out to the point that we'd want to pull the hair on our heads.

Here, we challenge you to watch these videos, arranged from mild gross to the most puke-inducing. These are videos that will make you ask, "How in the world did that happen?" Good luck!

Level 1: Peeling of Dead Skin

This one is easy—a bit normal and people experience this once in a while. But too much of it may be gross to some.



Level 2: Callus Removal

This "gross" video might be a result of hardwork and manual labor. Just for fun, you should watch the entirety of this 20-minute video!

Level 3: Plaque Removal

There may be a reason why a lot of people are afraid of going to the dentist. Let this video confuse you—it can horrify you and satisfy you at the same time.


Level 4: Blackheads Removal

This must be one of the most satisfying ones in this list as you can see everything in close up. We all have blackheads (maybe not as exaggerated) so we all know the joy of getting rid of these pesky things!


Level 5: Ear Blockage Removal

This one will make you keep asking, "How the hell did that happen in the first place?" Maybe after this video was filmed, the patient thought everyone is shouting at him. This is extra disgusting but oh so satisfying!



Level 6: Dilated Pore Cleaning

This has got to be the most cringe-inducing video in this list. Basically, the doctor in the video is  removing a large blackhead—when we say large, it is LARGE. Trust us, we watched it.



Did you manage to watch through all the videos? Congratulations, brave soul! If not, what made you give up? Tell us in the comments below!


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