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In Focus: 7 Kinds Of Professors You Will Meet In College

In Focus: 7 Kinds Of Professors You Will Meet In College



College is an amazing new world where you will meet a lot of people you thought only existed in movies. These are the people who will help make your college experience colorful and unforgettable.

Professors are meant to be the central figure in each of your classes, and therefore a huge part of your college experience and we guarantee that you'll encounter at least one of each of these professors below!


1. The Traditional Educator

This professor does everything by the book. He isn't impressed by technology and will always ask where your hard copy of the lecture is because a picture of your classmate's notes will never count.


2. The Joker

There are two kinds of "Jokers" - the professor who actually makes you laugh and the guy whose humor ran its course on his second day. Either way, these profs will keep cracking jokes every opportunity they get.


3. The Big Chiller

This is the professor who tries a bit too hard to be a "chill" prof because he just wants to be your "buddy." A lot of students try to take advantage of this professor's frustrating leniency.


4. The Terror Professor

As opposed to the "Big Chiller", the "Terror Professor" has no chill. Your knees tremble every time he announces a surprise recitation and you say your prayers when he starts going through the class list to call on his first victim.


5. The Sandman

No matter how many cups of coffee you bring into class, you will still be no match for this professor's powerful sorcery. There's just something about him that will always make you wish you brought a pillow to class instead.


6. The Waldo

This teacher is almost never around and is very hard to find when you need to ask them something. Don't be surprised when even the laziest student in class start asking where he is. 


7. The Best Professor Ever

This is the professor that gives away cookies on the first day of class. This is the professor that sends you to the amusement park to have fun. They will impart life lessons more valuable than any other lecture and will always have a special place in your heart.


Whether big or small, these professors will surely make an impact in your life. At the end of the day, all they ever wanted was for you to learn something so remember to thank them for helping you get where you are someday.


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