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In Focus: 5 Homegrown Web Series You Should Check Out

In Focus: 5 Homegrown Web Series You Should Check Out



We all want better shows, right? With our television screens infested with the same formulaic teleseryes with the predictable storylines and unending catfights, we know that we all deserve better. That is why we resort to watching foreign television series that can actually make us think. But to be fair, in this time of the internet, small time content makers are now competitive and has now the ability and capability to release content that we only used to wish we could watch.

Here, we list some web series that make sense, creative, and tastefully done. They became hits for tons of reasons.

La Luna Sangre's Youtopia

Can’t get enough of La Luna Sangre? This series is right at your alley! Youtopia, a La Luna Sangre spinoff, centers on Ryan whose life turned 180 when half of his clique suddenly comes back after being lost for months— the thing is, they are not the same anymore. This is an iWantTV exclusive web series that will give you the thrill and and will let you experience the adventure. (Click here for Episode 1.)


Forever Sucks

Vampires working in call centers is definitely a genius idea. Izabel, a hundred-something-year-old vampire who works as a call-center agent (because you know, how convenient.) Her problem really is if she can hide her identity from her new found friends-slash-officemates and some office guy that she’s been crushing on—hard!

Bakit Ka Single?

A simple question that is actually a hard one to answer, “Bakit Ka Single?” answers the question in several unique ways. With a mockumentary format, it's a series of single story episodes that we can all relate to.

Hanging Out

A series that pushed the boundaries of this conservative country, Hanging Out is about a clique of liberal millennials that are in the LGBT spectrum. Without dramatic coming-out-of-the-closets or child-parent confrontations, it is about friendship, awareness, and finding love in an unexpected way.


Just in time for the Halloween season, Umbra tackles the famous Pinoy folk creatures that has been haunting every Filipino in the form of The White Lady, Tikbalang, and plenty more. This iWantTV exclusive boasts the creation of the Filipino animators who can totally compete internationally!


We think that this is the kind of programming that we deserve. Have you watched any of these? Tell us in the comments below!


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