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In Focus: 6 Reasons Why It's Okay To Make Mistakes

In Focus: 6 Reasons Why It's Okay To Make Mistakes


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent 

Most people are afraid of making mistakes, but one thing we should put in mind is that mistakes are part of life. No matter how much we strive for perfection, making mistakes is inevitable. So before you beat yourself up for something that you regret, below are 6 things you should always keep in mind:

1. We all make mistakes.

Even though you think you just made the most wrong decision you’ve ever done in your life, chill. Sit on a bench in an open space and watch all the people passing by. Tell yourself every single one of them has made mistakes, but they’re still living their lives and surviving.


2. We learn from it.

Look at every mistake as a learning experiences and every consequence a lesson. When we make mistakes, we know the consequences of our actions and therefore, we realize we should not commit the same mistake again.


3. Other people learn from it, too.

Our stories of making a mistake, dealing with it, and eventually getting back up again may be other people’s lesson and inspiration. If you think of it that way, the burdensome feeling somehow becomes lighter.


4. Mistakes don’t define us.

We make mistakes, it’s not the other way around. Mistakes don’t make us. How we make mistakes doesn’t equate to how bad we are as people. It’s how we correct them that define us and so we should focus more on making things right than thinking about what we did wrong.


5. We still have a chance to make it right.

Tomorrow is another day to make things right and we should always give ourselves a second chance to try and explore again. Everyone makes mistakes but it doesn’t mean they suffer for its consequences for the rest of their lives, because every day, we’re given a new chance to start again.


6. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.

It’s natural to make mistakes when we try so hard and pour our hearts out into something or someone. If someone doesn’t make mistakes, he or she may not be trying enough to learn something new. So the next time you make a mistake, tell yourself, "At least I tried. And I learned from it."


Don’t be hard on yourself for making a mistake even if you are striving for perfection. Be hard on yourself for not trying. Leave your mistake behind, face the consequences, and correct things. In the end, you’ll learn a significant lesson only that mistake will be able to teach you. So the next time you feel like you've done something wrong, however big or small, don't sweat it. It's normal, and you can most definitely get past it.


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