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The Six Fix: Simple Tricks To Brighten Up Your Boyfriend’s Mood In Just A Snap

The Six Fix: Simple Tricks To Brighten Up Your Boyfriend’s Mood In Just A Snap



We all want to bring our A game when it comes to making our boyfriends smile and feel genuinely happy.  But other than doing the grandest of all gestures in the book of love, you may still opt to go simple in order to brighten your boyfriend’s mood in an instant. Here are the ways!


1.    Bring him his favorite snacks.

It’s widely believed that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Bringing your boyfriend his favorite snacks will truly turn his bad day upside down. Because seriously, food will always be a good idea.


2.    Give him a back massage.

Getting stressed also tenses the muscles. Giving him the back massage he badly needs would make him feel lighter and instantly calm him down.



3.    Write him an actual love letter.

In the era of social media and mobile phones, love letters are no longer a thing. Writing your SO an actual love letter is definitely a kilig factor. You don’t have to be poetic and all, but telling him good things through pen and paper is already enough to make his heart melt.


4.    Sing his favorite song.

Nobody cares if you’re a bad singer or your voice doesn’t sound so appealing. As long as you’ve tried and the effort is there to cheer him up, singing his favorite song is truly a source of good vibes.



What else does your SO need to brighten up his day? There’s really nothing power hugs can’t fix. Yes, they exist for a reason – to be an all-time comfort and light during the not-so-sunny days.


6.    Remind him how much you love him.

Not by saying all the great, romantic words there is or professing your love all over again, but by telling him all the little things about him that you find amazing – just a reminder how much you love him would absolutely save the day!


It wouldn’t really take much of your effort to make your boyfriend feel better. You may go extra by doing simple yet thoughtful things and turning an ordinary day into an extraordinary one!


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Banner photograph by Toa Heftiba from Unsplash, GIFs from GIPHY.




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