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Where To Next: Never Boring, Boracay Has More Of These Undiscovered Treasures And Experiences!

Where To Next: Never Boring, Boracay Has More Of These Undiscovered Treasures And Experiences!

Think Boracay is overrated? Think you’re that cool to even think about going back to the island? Maybe you haven’t been back for a while, or if you’ve gone recently, maybe you haven’t explored beyond a quick stop at D-Mall or riding the zip-line or buggy kart. Arguably the best beach in the world, #Boracay2017 might be more known now for its lumot-infested shores and slimy Labor Day mobs over these dreamy visuals of white sand and clear waters. While these remain as somehow true TBH (also, it depends on when during the year you’re there, really), there are more stuff that make it still an interesting place of R&R!

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More crowded than the last time I saw you, but still I ??you!

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Watching the sunset at Puka Beach
Gone are the days when this was a virgin destination. Puka, found at the “back” of the island, is now a little populated. Kiosks and bars offering drinks and appetizers now face the shores, with recliners and volleyball nets making the place a good place to chillax with your friends before the sun sets down. A little spoilsport—we’ve been told a hotel will soon plant itself in the area!


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Relaxing a la tito/tita at Rieseling Boracay Beach Resort
Rieseling in Bulabog Beach is for those who’ve had it with parties, now opting for some peace and quiet as an escape. (At least, that’s the case during the day—as its neighbor Club Galaxy is also a spot for partyphiles.) Rieseling’s cottages give you that kind of privacy, with your own pool and view of a way less crowded shore.

Visiting the Motag Living Museum
Strategically located in Malay Island, around 45 minutes from Boracay’s raging party scene, this place lets tourists into an experience of the olden times’ rural way of living. A tour guide dressed aptly for the "occasion" gives a detailed and hands-on lecture on food preparations and other cultural practices like rice planting, husking, and more that prevailed among Aklanons from before. The tour ends with a sullen thanksgiving-farewell song by the natives.


Fresh from the adrenaline-pumping finals, #BIDBF2017 champs the Boracay Airforce! ??????????#PaddleHard #PartyHarder

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Catching the Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival
Every summer, four ladies whose businesses are based in Boracay arrange one of the biggest Dragon Boat events in the world. For its 11th edition held last April 20-22, 33 teams from North America, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and from here in the Philippines congregated on the island for a fierce but rather friendly competition. There are no big rewards for the winners, as the organizers—who work closely with the government for this—yearly claim. That is, except for a chance to paddle in the world-famous crystal clear waters and a ticket to the culminating party packed with Dragon Boat enthusiasts from everywhere!

Participating in clean-ups
Every now and then, both the public and private sectors conduct clean-ups as a way to preserve whatever you're enjoying now on the island. It's always good to join one in your visits, trust us! Some of which, celebs and big brands like H&M are actually organizing themselves!

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