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In Focus: 6 Usual Struggles That Yuppies Living Independently Have Encountered

In Focus: 6 Usual Struggles That Yuppies Living Independently Have Encountered



With the horrible traffic situation that we have now in Metro Manila, the travel time to and from work multiplies exponentially every day. This is why a lot of yuppies have opted to rent a place near their offices. It doesn’t just save time, but it also provides more productivity, lessening the stress caused by the hassle of driving or commuting in the city.

However, living in a condo, either alone or with some of your closest peers, may be a bit of a struggle too. Here are some of the most common problems only yuppies living in a condo would understand:


1.    You have to pay your own bills.

Computing your budget every month to make sure you have enough to pay for your bills is definitely a source of headache – using the money from your own paychecks. Gone are the days when you only worry about how to use your daily allowance wisely.


2.    Thinking of where or what food to eat is never easy.

Spending a good nine hours in the office or more doesn’t give you a chance to prepare your own food or cook anymore. Hence, figuring out where or what food to eat is an everyday challenge that someone who lives a condo faces since there’s not much options – just convenience stores and fast food chains or the expensive restaurants.  


3.    You spend an extra time on errands and chores.

Because you’re on your own now, doing all the chores and running errands as an independent adult is an additional responsibility on your shoulders. Without the help of your folks, you’re required to spend extra time on these everyday tasks.


4.    You live in a more limited space.

Renting out a place near your office could mean a smaller space for you – considering the limited budget available. With the limited space you are currently living in, the place tends to get messy and could sometimes be a hassle, too.


5.    You have more expenses and lesser savings.

With all your daily expenses – food, rent, utilities, and other emergency payables that suddenly pop up, you end up realizing that you have higher spending than when you were staying at home, which may slash out a portion of your savings. 


6.    You get homesick.

Despite having more opportunities to go out with friends and colleagues whenever you want, there will always be those moments of missing the comforts of your own house and the presence of your family. Because honestly, there’s really no other place like home.


Living on your own near your workplace definitely has both its pros and cons. And though sometimes being an adult may be fun, there’s also a possibility of finding yourself having difficulties at some point, especially when you’re not at home.


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