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In Focus: 10 Group Chat Situations That Most Likely Happen After Graduation

In Focus: 10 Group Chat Situations That Most Likely Happen After Graduation



After spending semesters and years together, you and your clique finally graduated! The good thing is that you’ll have the opportunity to take on the “real” world. The downside, however, is that you might have to face it without your constants. Every memory you made inside the walls of your classroom will soon be replaced with memories you’ll be creating as someone who is part of the workforce.

Luckily for this generation, there are different platforms you and your friends can use to catch up with one another. One of the most used are instant messenginh apps because with their group chat feature, the whole squad will be able to keep in touch with one another anytime. Here, we list some situations that you and your friends have probably experienced in your virtual space.

1. The “I can’t believe we’re graduates” conversation

Days after graduating, all of you are still in disbelief that you guys actually graduated. Graduating and being an actual adult in the real world has not sunk in yet and you still talk like you’ll see the whole squad come Monday morning. You assume that nothing will change, but that is not really the case.

2. Constantly missing one another

After a week to a month, the group chat will be flooded with “I miss you” and “Let’s hang out soon” messages. The fact that you won’t be seeing each other every single day anymore is sinking in and you’re slowly accepting it.


3. “Where do you work?” conversation.

One by one, you guys will find a job. Broadcasting the news using your group chat and telling your friends first is so natural for all of you. You share the excitement as you take the first big step to this new chapter in your lives. Welcome to the world of adulting!


4. Sharing your new experiences

During the first few months into your job, everyone will update each other about their work. All of you are just starting and everything is fine yet. Even though you miss your friends, everything is still okay. You’ll make new friends but talking to your Ride-or-Die friends will always be uncomparable.


5. Ranting about adulting

By the time you are all fed up with all the toxicity at work, you’ll always run to your best friends. Opening everything up —no holds barred, no filter—to your best friends is the easiest thing to do. Whether you are ranting about work or your post-grad degree, they will understand, they always will.

6. Hangout plans that rarely ever happen

TBH, not every plan you make will happen. It's understandable that all of you are busy with your adult lives, and some plans are just mere wishes that everyone is hoping to come true soon.

7. Post-hangout photos thread

But if the plan ever happens, the flooding of photos from each group chat members’ smartphone will follow. Of course, never expect decent or Instagram-worthy photos.because most of them are just photos of memories to keep especially for embarrassing birthday greetings in the future.


8. Where is everybody?

When the adulting life has eaten all of you, there will come a time when the group chat is dead silent. Nobody is home, the thread will be filled with webs, spiders, and crickets. But that is okay, and that is normal. That doesn’t mean that you don’t miss each other. You are just busy being adults, and friends will always be friends no matter what.

9. Always talking never meeting

After the dead silence phase, you will talk again but will find a hard time meeting each other so you guys will not plan anything yet because you know that it is impossible for the time being. You just talk and talk and talk—but never meet.

10. Everyone is talking all at once

We are sure that this has happened to you all. God whispered to each member of the group to go online and there it is, everyone is online and everyone is talking all at once! Be inactive for a minute or two and you’ll have hundred plus of messages waiting for you. Plus, you’ve missed lots of topics and new inside jokes while you’re gone and it’ll be awkward to reply to the messages when they’re already talking about other things. Pro tip? Don’t back read. Just try to keep up and laugh at everything they joke about!

Bonus: You will all say that you want to go back to school.

When all of you are fed up of adulting and ranting about adulting, you all just want to go back to the start and where this intense friendship was formed—the university, where it was all just fun without the pressure of taking on too much responsibilities. You don’t want to go back to school to study, but just to be with your best buddies.

These stages will happen again and again. It's a cycle. Even after years of graduating, there are times that you’ll feel baffled that you all graduated together and everything in this list will happen again, in no particular order. Just like what the quote says, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  No matter how long you don’t talk, a friend will always be a friend.


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