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In Focus: 13 Things You've Surely Thought If You've Ever Been A Third Wheel

In Focus: 13 Things You've Surely Thought If You've Ever Been A Third Wheel



When it comes to friendship, being a third wheel has its pros and cons. Sometimes your couple friends can be annoying, but most of the time they will be the spark plug of happiness in your dull, very single, and emotionally fragile spirit.

Here, we list things you probably thought of if you've ever been a third wheel. Read on and let’s all relate.

“I apologize for their excessive PDA.”

There are times when their sweetness will be overboard that you’re going to be the one apologizing when people just awkwardly stare at them with disgust.


“This sidewalk is too small.”

When walking down the streets, being a third wheel will make you realize that sidewalks are made for just two people. Oh, well.

“Two friends are better than one.”

When you are in time of need, you will know that these two will be there for you. You'll have two great friends who will comfort you exactly just when you badly need them.

“Am I intruding?”

But there are times when you will feel that you are a voyeur—you are seeing things you shouldn’t at all be seeing.

“Get a room!”

Sometimes they will be too sweet and touchy right in front of you, and they will not feel sorry at all. All you have in mind is they just need their alone time.


“Can I go now?”

When the couple you are a third wheel of starts arguing in front of you, you will sometimes feel the need to flee the situation. The argument is between them and not you three. Bye!

“You guys should talk.”

Whenever they have a rough patch, they will share their stories to you, but you're not supposed to pick sides because both of them are your great friends. All you know is that if they talk it out between themselves, then the issue will be easier to resolve.


“Don’t make me a sandwich.”

When their differences show and they start clashing, you already know what they should do to make everything work. Also it is unfair for you to be in the middle of it all—don’t make me a sandwich.

“I am single but not lonely.”

With great friends, these two will not make you feel that you should need a partner to be happy. Being with them is enough. Some days, seeing them happy and in love is the quota of kilig you need in your daily life.

“I keep dancing on my own.”

Cue Robyn’s "Dancing On My Own." During a night-out, their sexual tension will be breaking the roof and it is not unthinkable that they will dance together and you will be a party pooper if you put yourself between them when they are in the zone. You'll just have to dance by yourself in that case.


“At least I can enjoy the film.”

When watching a movie together, it is natural that they will be talking with one another and peck in the dark. You know what they are doing, but they will remain unbothered. Well, just look at the bright side: you can focus on the film, understand the dialogues, and follow the story.


“I’m not being a killjoy, but can we go home?”

You are human, and you sometimes lose energy faster than they will lose theirs. You are not bored or being a killjoy. Some nights, you just want to go home, sleep, and recharge.


“I never learn.”

But even after everything, you will never learn. It will be a cycle. You’ll still hang with them when they ask you to, you will still enjoy every moment you spend with them. You will never learn, and that is okay!


Relate much? If you’ve been a third wheel before, did we miss some third wheel thoughts? Tell us in the comments below!


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