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Cheat Sheet: A Quick Guide To Color Correction

Cheat Sheet: A Quick Guide To Color Correction



Makeup is a form of art — our face is a blank canvas you can paint on with different palettes and brushes. And just like art, makeup requires a basic understanding of colors in order to attain the desired result.

Color correcting can be tricky if you don't know what your skin needs but can also be a major gamechanger once your knowledge is applied effectively. Whether you want to hide those pesky eyebags or your stubborn pimple marks, we're here to help you understand the science behind color correction!


1. Neutral


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If you don't have that much problematic areas that need special coverage, neutral concealers and primers should be enough to cover small blemishes. Be sure to thank the beauty gods for blessing you with even skin tones.


2. Green


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Green neutralizes any redness on your face. So if you have any prominent zits or pesky acne scars, a green concealer is the way to go. Widespread redness can also be corrected by green primers.


3. Purple

If you want to cancel out yellow undertones or spots on your skin, you can opt for a purple or lavender concealer or primer. Purple can also give a very nice and healthy glow to dull and pasty yellow skin tones.


4. Peach

Peach or salmon colors are great for concealing signs of fatigue. As a great brightening agent, you can apply this color to dark under eyes or racoon eyes in general before applying eye makeup for a more radiant finish. 


5. Orange

Orange concealers also do a great job concealing dark spots, blue pigmentation, and overall darkness on olive and tan skin. A fair warning to fair-skinned people: Be sure to look for lighter and more subtle shades of orange or salmon to avoid looking like you just got a failed tan.


6. Yellow

Yellow concealers are the most versatile of them all. While they also help hide under eye circles and cancel out blue or purple spots (and sometimes, even green spots!) they can also help even out unbalanced skin tones and give a bright base when applying foundation. 


Do you have any more concealing tricks? Share them with your fellow beauty junkies in the comments below!


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