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In Focus: 3 Types Of Friends We All Encounter In Our Lifetime

In Focus: 3 Types Of Friends We All Encounter In Our Lifetime



Remember that friend you used to be so close to back then and that time when it felt like you could talk to that person for hours on end? But these days, it's like your relationship has been merely reduced to liking each other’s photos on Facebook and Instagram. Do you ever wonder how it ended up like this? What might have you done wrong that caused this once fully blossomed relationship to suddenly wilt away? The answer: probably nothing. Some friendships just aren’t meant to last.

And to help you understand, we have provided you with the different types of friends you’ll meet and the reason why some of them don’t last no matter how hard you wish it to.


1. The Networker

These people can also be referred to as the friends of utility, who talk to you when they need something, or vice versa. Perhaps you met when you were assigned to partner up in class or for a project at work. After that, you’ve since cultivated a relationship built on favors where one reaches out to the other whenever there is help needed. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it can be very beneficial especially when both parties are able to bring something good to the table whenever an occasion arises. You both stay on friendly terms, but that is the extent of your relationship.


2. The In-Betweener

Under this category you’ll find the work bestie, the hobby buddy, and the common interest friend. There are instances where people are able to bond well with each other due to a certain mutuality. When you’re together, you might feel like you two are the closest people in the world. However, what you don’t realize is that you are actually stuck in the stage between being acquaintances and actual friends. It’s highly likely the reason why you clicked with this person is because you saw each other regularly and shared the same interests. This is why when one of you moves to a different job or quits the class where you both met, you eventually start seeing less of that person as time passes.


3. The Forever/Constant/Ride-or-Die


These are the people with whom you’ll be able to maintain a deep and meaningful relationship. You don’t have to be 100% similar in order to stay friends. In fact you might even be total opposites but still manage to never run out of topics to talk about. They are the friends for keeps and there may be times when you won’t be able to see them. But when you do, it’ll feel like you were never apart. This type of friend is hard to come by so when you encounter someone like that, don’t let them go!


So next time you start feeling sad about losing touch with some people, just remember that not everyone’s meant to last. But that’s ok because it makes you cherish the ones who do even more.


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