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Fitness Inspo: Petite Quisha Baterna Is Pumped To Be The Next Big Name In Women's Bodybuilding!

Fitness Inspo: Petite Quisha Baterna Is Pumped To Be The Next Big Name In Women's Bodybuilding!

Quisha Baterna was once your average office girl in terms of physique. The WBFF Asia (World Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion) third placer in the Diva Fitness category has shown she's come a long way from being just a demure office girl to becoming a culinary graduate, online fitness coach, and bodybuilding  influencer with her own meal business on the side. "I attended culinary school in 2015 at Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy in Alabang. I completed a Grand Diploma in Culinary and Patisserie, a less than 2-yr course. Before that I began bodybuilding and one of the reasons I finished culinary school was I wanted to learn how to cook properly so my diet food would be more interesting. After graduating, I became a pastry chef at The Goose Station for a year to gain experience in the culinary world."

Quisha explains that she chose the niche fitness route of bodybuilding more because of the discipline involved. "I once lived an unhealthy lifestyle, I always ate fast food and didn't go to the gym because I was in college so there was no time. I feel healthy now. I really looked ugly and unhealthy so I lifted weights, I ate healthy. I didn’t starve myself." A common friend of ours who knew Quisha from before recalls her appearance being nowhere near what it is today. "I reached total fitness last year because before I was really thin but before I was thin I was really fat." 

According to Quisha her workout routine consists more of strength training and power lifting over cardio since her goals circle around body-building rather than weight loss.  "It's not just about looking good but also it also empowers you through your mind and body.  Also, you will feel more energized and strong, leading to being more confident and building higher self-esteem."  


Stop doubting yourself. Work hard and make it happen. ??

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We wonder how this girl keeps all her ducks in a row given her schedule.  Currently, Quisha keeps herself busy with a professional career in online coaching, bodybuilding, fitness influencing and at the same time managing her healthy meal business, FitFuel MNL.   "One of the things that I preach is trying to achieve balance while pursuing the things you love. Currently, I'm managing between being an entrepreneur, being a fitness coach and being fit myself. I think one of the reasons why I'm being able to manage things well because I enjoy doing it. It doesn't feel like work at all because I love it.  It's very fulfilling that I get to help people achieve their fitness goals."   

"FitFuel MNL is currently on its 2nd year. Our meal plans evolved from just calorie counted meals to offering customized/specialized meal plans like Keto or Macro-nutrient counted meals."

We also asked Quisha what upper-body workout she prefers to work those scrawny shoulders into Wonder Woman ones and she mentioned lat pull-downs. This workout is more commonly done with equipment in the gym but we've found a no-equipment optional bodyweight version of this move for you to try. 

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