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In Focus: 10 Things Only You Will Understand If You Love Stationery

In Focus: 10 Things Only You Will Understand If You Love Stationery



Surprisingly enough, despite this generation's obsession with technology and social media, stationery still seem to hold a special place in a lot of people's lives. What exactly is it about paper and supplies that continues to draw people into buying and collecting?

Is it the suggested sense of organization that colored pens and highlighters give? Perhaps, it's the feeling of having something tangible that makes you think you've got your life together? No matter the reason, people who love stationery seem to deal with the same struggles!


1. You can never have too many notebooks. You have more than a dozen kinds of notebooks to write on and only one hand to write with, but the math never matters when you find a new leatherbound notebook that you just have to get your hands on.


2. You never know what to write in your notebooks. It takes you a really long time to decide which one to use for doodling, taking notes, or journaling, even though you end up writing on the first notebook you see within your reach.


3. Tearing pages from notebooks is a no-no. It feels so bad to pull a page from such a beautifully made notebook that it's akin to having your heart being torn apart with every inch you rip. 


4. There's no such thing as too many Post-Its. You have this need to buy these sticky notes in every color, size, and shape, even though you know deep down in your heart that it will take you ages to be able to finish a whole stack.


5. You have a notepad for virtually anything. You have one for organizing your travel gear, writing your to-do list, and even penning apologies. The only problem is you never have them at hand when the situation calls for them.


6. You think beautiful postcards make great gifts. It's tragic that there aren't a lot of places in the Philippines that carry an extensive selection of postcards anymore, but you find it even more tragic that some people don't appreciate such small yet personal gifts as much.


7. You hate it when people never return borrowed pens. You regret the day you trusted someone and lent them one of your most precious possesions—and no matter how much you keep hoping you'll one day reunite with your pen, deep down, you know it's gone for good.


8. You would pay anything to get your favorite fandom-themed stationery. Fandoms and stationery are a dangerous combination. Game of Thrones-themed notebook? Yes to that! How about some Riverdale-themed stickers for your journal? Or Adventure Time-themed post-its! Aaagh!


9. You can't just "pass by" a bookstore or stationery shop. Even if you don't plan on buying anything, you still have to explore the store no matter how many times you've been there this past week. Not to mention, the time you spend looking through everything.


10. Some items end up just being eye candy, but it's okay. As superficial as it is, you have to admit that you sometimes buy items you know you'll never use just because they're ~pretty~. They're just look so good that you'd rather just keep them on display!


It doesn't matter how many other struggles you experience as stationery lover, it's not like it'll ever stop you from wanting and buying more! Do ya feel us?


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Banner photograph by Tim Gouw via Unsplash. GIFs from Giphy.




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