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In Focus: 5 Signs You're Ready To Start Dating Again

In Focus: 5 Signs You're Ready To Start Dating Again


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent 


Mending a broken heart sure does take time. But when we look back at all our heartbreaks, it seems like we never really learned anything from those experiences. We fall into a habit of find someone new right away and jumping head first, only to find out that it's a shallow dive.

So how do we actually know when we're fully ready to get back in the game? How do we know that we're not just trying to recover from our previous relationship by getting ourselves in a new one? Here, we list down the telltale signs that your heart is capable to meet another, and hopefully do it right this time.


1. You start trying out dating apps. You might have heard this tip way too many times from the people around you, promising you with the possiblity that "The One" is just a swipe away. It may not be the most sound advice. But if the idea of meeting someone completely new appealed to you to a certain degree after you've taken enough time, then it's a good sign! It means that you are slowly letting go of the idea of still being with the same person who broke your heart. So go ahead, there's no harm in trying it, at least for fun!


2. You stop reading old messages.  Remember that birthday greeting they posted on social media for you? How about the last time that you two had a heartfelt convo on chat? Well, if you've finally decided to stop looking back at those kinds of memories, then congratulations! That's a level-up for you! This shows that their words are no longer holding you down. Yes, they meant the sweet nothings they told you before. But to put it shortly, what's past is past after all.


3. You start to declutter your social media. Photos are memories that we hold on to. But in the phase of moving on, some just need to let them go and leave no traces behind. The mute, unfollow, and unfriend buttons are also helpful if it's necessary. Others may think of it as a sign of bitterness. But here's an advice you should totally take: do what you need to do for yourself no matter what other people will think. Do you, and that's the number one priority always.


4. You start having fun socially outside your comfort zone. Going out and finally living the life you deserve outside the four walls of your room or your workspace is definitely a hint that you're well ready. So, by all means, RSVP to that party and start meeting new people in the flesh! Start by making new friends without any sort of agenda, and, who knows, you might feel that spark once again!



5. Hugots don't affect you anymore. If you're no longer making a hugot every chance you get, then perhaps you're finally over it! This is a true sign that you no longer feel wasak which means your heart is ready to start fresh again. If you've also ditched your breakup playlist, then that's even better! Sorry, Adele and Taylor Swift, but we've got Dua Lipa on repeat now! 


It does take a whole lot of time, healing, and growing up before you know you're ready to dive in again. But you'll get there! Hopefully you're already on the right track to finding love again. Just keep going! Your best and most kilig days are yet to come!


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