Cheat Sheet: 10 Self Care Tips Every Millennial Should Take Note

Cheat Sheet: 10 Self Care Tips Every Millennial Should Take Note


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent 


As millennials, we deal with a lot of stress everyday. We do things that keep our passion burning and our dreams alive. But at the end of the day, we're just like everyone else; we get tired and we can't do everything all at once. We need to give ourselves time to breathe and gather the strength we need to get back on our feet. 

Devoting a time for yourself is not as selfish as what others think. You need a break when you need it. Focusing your attention on self-care will clear your mind and will prep you for what's ahead. Check out these 10 tips we gathered so you can keep sane and take good care of your well-being:


1.  Get plenty of sleep. It's always nice to catch up on your much-needed z's. Getting enough rest never fails at reenergizing and giving us that boost for tomorrow's work. It also helps you to be productive throughout the day which means your devoting your time in reaching your #goals. Bonus: It’s also good for the skin!


2. Tidy up. Working all day can mean a cluttered workspace. Your workspace must serve as your inspiration and not a cause of irritation because you cannot find your files. Give time in organizing your own workspace for you to know what kind of organizational method works best for you. 


3. Learn a new sport. We are so busy that we lose track of our health. Learning a new sport will not just help you have time for your health, it will also bring fun and excitement to your schedule.


4. Go for a walk. Going for a walk will help you clear your mind and have a healthy heart. Try listening to songs while walking or try inviting your friends so you can also catch up!


5.Be grateful. Always give thanks to everything you recieve whether it's your allowance or a compliment from a stranger. Being thankful for the things that you recieve will also help you value them.


6. Do a social media detox. The world of social media can be both addicting and toxic. Either minimizing or, if possible, avoiding the use of social media for at least a day will help you veer away from the negativity that is  in the world of social networking sites.


7. Learn to slow down. There's no need to rush things. You need to realize that a slow progress is still a progress. Always do your tasks and projects ahead of time to avoid cramming and missing the deadlines.

8. Focus on nutrition. Because of our demanding schedules we tend to neglect our health. Eating junk food and daily take-outs will make our health suffer in the long run. Always have time to explore your kitchen and cook a healthy and balanced meal.

9. Have daily rituals. Dedicate a part of your morning or night by doing a ritual, may it be a skincare routine or nightly reads before you go to sleep. It can be as simple as planning your day or trying to catch the sunrise in the morning.

10. Treat yourself. Every now and then, reward yourself for the hardwork you put into making your life amazing and worthwhile. This will help you strive and continue to do better things in your future projects. Learn to enjoy your personal growth!


Make sure you always take the time to appreciate, care for, and reward yourself whenever you have the chance to. There's no good in burying yourself in too much work. Coming up for air from time to time is always a must to stay sane!


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