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In Focus: Things We Need To Thank Our Exes For

In Focus: Things We Need To Thank Our Exes For


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent 

Have you ever looked at your ex and asked yourself, was I drunk the entire relationship? What was I thinking? Why did I waste my precious time and tears for that person? It's surprising how the love we once felt for them transformed into hate, disgust, or anger. But no matter how we feel about our exes, whether we're friends with them or just strangers with memories, here are a few things we should thank them for:

1. For all the good times. 

We may not admit it, especially when the break up was really bad, but we cannot change the fact that somehow, there were fun times too. Our ex used to make our day. Their voice was our refuge and their hugs were our safe haven. Somewhere along the way, they made us feel happy, important, and loved. 

2. For all the pain they caused us. 

We should thank our exes for letting us experience extreme pain so we know what we can handle. And so in the future, when faced with another challenge, we can look back at that moment and tell ourselves, "Kinaya mo nga noon eh. Sisiw na lang 'to ngayon!" 

3. For letting us go so we could be with the right person. 

And for giving us the chance to look for the love we deserve and have been longing for.

4. For teaching us to accept the things that don't always go our way. 

We have to accept the fact that the dreams we built with our exes will not happen anymore. We should thank our exes for making us realize that it's okay if things don't turn out the way we planned it. Not everything will work the way we want it to, just like that relationship. 

5. For accepting a part of us in their lives, even when we are not our best selves. 

We often regret why we let our exes know our unknown side and in the process, we forget to thank them for still accepting us in their lives. They loved us despite our imperfections and embraced our weaknesses. We should be grateful for the love they gave even after knowing what is ugly about us.

6. For pointing out what is wrong with us. 

We should thank our exes for making us realize what part of us needed improvement so we can redefine ourselves, be a better person for ourselves, and for the right person. 


For a moment, let us take all the bitterness aside, reflect, and be grateful for all the lessons our exes taught us, even if they were taught the hard way. 


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