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Where To Next: Three Reasons Why Lake Sebu Is The Newest Must-Visit Destination

Where To Next: Three Reasons Why Lake Sebu Is The Newest Must-Visit Destination


If your travel bug is giving you an itch, then there's no need to look further to satisfy that wanderlust. We all know that the Philippines is rich with captivating travel spots that you may have not even discovered yet.

So here, we introduce to you Lake Sebu, a first-class municipality in South Cotabato, with a population of approximately a hundred thousand and stunning vistas you will surely want to see for yourself. Because of its vast land area bounded by a number of mountains and hills surrounded by various kinds of trees and several bodies of water, it has become a home to different stories of nature, culture, and adventure.


1. Nature

Lake Sebu has an area of a little over 300 hectares and an elevation of no more than 3,500 feet. It is known for its tranquil charm that draws in someone who is looking for peace and calmness in a place, through simply spending an ample amount of time by the lake. It’s not only a natural attraction but also can be a perfect distraction away from all the chaos. 

2. Culture

Another noteworthy experience in Lake Sebu is learning from and actually getting involved in some traditions of the T’boli, an indigenous tribe which can be found in various areas of South Cotabato–revisiting a traditional home of a T’boli, hearing them play their music on their native instruments, wearing their customary dresses even for just a photo opportunity, eating the dishes they would delightfully have on their tables, watching the dream weavers work hard on the T’nalak, a traditional cloth with designs woven based on dreams and the list goes on.

3. Adventure

Aside from nature and culture combined, Lake Sebu also proudly offers adventure, completing the package of three. A watershed, comprising of seven different waterfalls, came from the outflows of the lake automatically became an attraction because of its natural appeal and sense of thrill. One waterfall is already exciting enough, what more the seven waterfalls you would discover in one area? It is also best experienced through a 600-feet high zip line, which is quite similar to flying.


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Even though Lake Sebu may not even ring a bell for some, it’s definitely worth visiting and exploring. A mixture of nature, culture, and adventure, Lake Sebu certainly has its own incomparable charm that makes it a must-visit destination!

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Banner photography from Paul Quiambao. Other photographs from Lake Sebu Tourism.




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