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In Focus: 8 Movies That Will Surely Hit You Right In The Feels

In Focus: 8 Movies That Will Surely Hit You Right In The Feels



Almost everyone grew up watching fairy tales with their own happily-ever-afters. Sure, the story of how the prince and princess fall in love and end up together for the rest of their lives is great. But every now and then, seeing something different other than the typical love stories with pleasant endings, is what our heart truly needs – whether you are currently suffering from a broken heart, or simply just in the mood for sad films at the moment, here are eight movies that will surely hit you right in the feels:


1.    500 Days of Summer (2009)

The moment Tom laid eyes on Summer, he fell in love. Unfortunately, she wasn’t as sure as he is. And though they both seemed happy together in the beginning, good times just don’t always last, especially if both your beliefs contrasted. And for some, they only lasted for about 500 days.



2.    Stuck in Love (2012)

When Samantha and Rusty’s family start falling apart, they both deal with the complexities of love in all sorts. While they figure out how to get through life after what happened, they both found a new perspective on love, that no matter how ugly it gets, it always gives us a second chance.



3.    Like Crazy (2011)

Anna is a British student who went to America for college and after meeting Jacob, they instantly became head-over-heels for each other. But when Anna needed to go back to Europe because her student visa expired, the two bravely went on with their long-distance relationship and all the difficulties it carried. They tried to make it work, but sadly, it still wasn’t enough.



4.    6 Years (2015)

Childhood sweethearts Dan and Mel have already planned their lives ahead. But when a career opportunity unexpectedly knocks on their doorstep, the two hit several bumps in the road and were left with only one choice – to either stick with the plan or take a different path, away from each other. And there will be times when it’s best to grow apart.


5.    Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

Celeste and Jesse thought of forever – they were best friends and soulmates. They were young, happy, and in love, but started drifting apart yet stayed in each other’s lives despite being separated – making things more complicated than it already is. And when they realized forever is not for them, they also knew that endings can also be the start of something new.



6.    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

When Clementine and Joel’s love story stopped being as perfect as when they started, all they wanted to do was to forget each other through a medical procedure that erases their memory. But in the case of true love, some things just can’t be wiped away.



7.    Blue Valentine (2010)

Dean and Cindy’s marriage started going downhill because of certain differences that seemed impossible to work through – he lacks ambition and she becomes self-absorbed. What started out as a great story, with the unconditional love they once shared, was eventually caught up in a downward spiral and never had the chance to recover.



8.    Her (2013)

After being alone and divorced for a long time, Theodore found himself in an extraordinary connection he shared with Samantha, an operating system that is specifically designed like a human companion. As their relationship developed over time, Samantha reveals the truth that Theodore’s not the only one she has connected with which leaves him heartbroken.



Watch these movies if you haven't yet, and prepare to feel a slight pang in your heart. If you have more movies to share, comment them below!


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