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In Focus: 14 Things UP Diliman Iskos Can Relate To During Hell Week!

In Focus: 14 Things UP Diliman Iskos Can Relate To During Hell Week!


If you’re a student in UP Diliman, your college experience is like riding a roller coaster, no less. Yes, it’s all fun and exciting but when schedules become hectic, and requirements and deadlines start knocking on your doors, it also gets crazy and can be draining at some point. If you are an Isko, here are 14 things only you would understand during hell week:

1. Never-ending to-do list

An average load of an Isko per semester is eighteen units, about six subjects in total–also add some org stuff on the side. And because each has its own set of requirements, the to-do list just doesn’t seem to end.

2. UP Shopping Center

When Iskos are looking for affordable photocopying and printing services, the shopping center or SC is the place to go–with all the rows of shops available, every Isko can be accommodated during the busiest weeks.


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3. UP Main Library

There’s nowhere else to go for a quiet study time but the UP Main Library. Other than the numerous books and reference materials found inside, this library is open until midnight, keeping students company for a little while.


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4. Paaaaniiiiic!

A long list of things to do can surely be overwhelming. No matter how prepared or organized you are, sometimes you just can’t stop your heart from racing – because panic!!!

5. Procrastination

Once the tension is gone, you somehow start to relax. It becomes so relaxing, you tend to do things other than what you’re supposed to – may it be doing your laundry, washing the dishes, taking your dog for a walk, watching TV series, just anything not related to school.

6. “Sleep is for the weak.”

With the exams, papers, and other academic matters all lined up, students barely afford to sleep during hell week – because there’s just so much to do but so little time.

7. When coffee is life…

Pulling all-nighters in coffee shops becomes the thing, because other than wi-fi and late hours, coffee serves as fuel not just for the night but also during the day.

8. Sabaw is already a state of mind.

Sometimes, you mistakenly take the Toki jeepney instead of the Ikot on your way to class because your mind suddenly turns into a haze because of the countless thoughts running through.

9. What makeup? What OOTD?

Being exhausted is sometimes reflected to looking like it. With all the school work, dressing up or getting all glammed up at this time is not really a top priority.

10.  The anti-social club 

You’re busy and you hardly have time to sleep, let alone keep up with your social circle. Bringing your game face on may also require you to become on anti-social mode for a little while.

11.  Sorbetes

Ice cream is always a good idea especially during your most stressful days. Carts of dirty ice cream or also called sorbetes can be found all over campus – from the classic cheese, ube, and mango flavors to all-time favorites avocado, chocolate, and cookies and cream.

12.  Blue books

Almost every exam taken in the university wouldn’t be complete without a blue book. Even if the professors didn’t require one, it always comes in handy.


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13. Homesickness

Spending more time in school doing acads also means staying in less – making you miss the comforts of your home more than ever. 

14. The after (exam) party

Once hell week’s finally over, it’s time to have fun! Because you know, study hard but party harder. *wink*

Do you have any other experiences during hell week which Iskos can relate to? Share them in the comments section below!

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