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Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Be The One Who Loves More

Daily Diaries: What It's Like To Be The One Who Loves More



We all wish that every relationship we enter is like a fairytale—it starts perfectly, it lasts long, it ends with fireworks, and you both love equally. But real life isn’t that easy. Our love stories aren’t penned to be convenient and perfect with all those pretty sparkles. Sometimes it is meant to suck, but that’s okay because it will help you learn.

There are relationships that you will enter in this lifetime where you are more invested than your significant other is. You feel more, you give more, you sacrifice more, you care more, you love more, and you hurt more.

The nagging feeling will always be there. Being the person who loves more in a relationship is subjective. But if you are really that person, most of the time you just feel it. Then you’ll start asking yourself if you are worth loving. If yes, then why is your S.O. not giving you enough of that?

Truth will slap you hard and it will be painful. There will come a time you’ll realize that you’re the one who loves more. You always text first, you almost always make the first move to get in touch. You never expected that you can love someone that hard without really expecting to be loved back the same way—but it will affect the way you think more than you’ll ever know. It will hurt you, a lot.

You start loving yourself less. How your partner loves you affects the way you treat yourself. There will come a time that your level of self-love will match the level of how much your partner loves you. You’ll think that that is just the level of love that you deserve. Keep in mind that it's never your fault that they aren’t as comfortable showing their love for you.

You are hesitant to be yourself. How can you show yourself if you feel insecure in a relationship? How will you show all your flaws if you feel that you are loved less in a relationship. You’ll always think that when he sees the bad, he’ll leave. That’s how unsure you are in this relationship.

You'll have less regrets when the relationship fails. After everything that you’ve been through, you’ll have lesser regrets when everything didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. You'll know that you gave it your all and everything you can. You loved them in every way you could, and that is enough.


But in reality, the people who love too much end up to be the happiest in the long run. They might have experienced hurt gazillion times before but know that they will never get tired of loving because that’s who they are—they eat and breathe love. They overflow with love that they don’t have a place for hate in their hearts. They are the type of people that you know will treasure you just by looking at how they treasure other people in their lives.


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