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Cheat Sheet: See The Quirky Style Hacks That Keep Shaina, Gretchen, & Kathryn Star Magic Ball Ready!

Cheat Sheet: See The Quirky Style Hacks That Keep Shaina, Gretchen, & Kathryn Star Magic Ball Ready!

During a high ticket event such as the Star Magic Ball, there’s certainly been no shortage of smokin’ hot #fashiongoals to style stalk! While it's common knowledge that getting ready for a celebrity's Cinderella moment on the red carpet is complex, we've always been mystified by how they breezily solve complex undergarment situations (VPLs), avoid embarrassing wardrobe disasters (#NipSlip), and look flawlessly svelte in jaw dropping gowns. Hence, it's only natural that on the cusp of Star Magic Ball 2017, we've curated out-of-the-box fashion hacks to obtaining (and maintaining) that impeccable red-carpet fantasy all night long. Hint: some of these are most likely lying around in your house!

Ylona Garcia

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Stick to it when taking the plunge with necklines. To achieve cleavage that would make anyone rethink Sir Isaac Newton's law of gravity, use copius amounts of duct tape positioned strategically from your shoulder to your ribcage. It's a nightmare to take off, but hey! No pain, no gain.


Roughen things up for a smoother glide. New shoes, new woes. An unused pair will definitely have slippery soles that may lead to mishaps while strutting down the red carpet. Sand paper can create better traction by scuffing up the bottom of your shoes—hence, reducing your chances of falling or sliding.

 Kathryn Bernardo

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Sleek is chic. The key to pulling off a polished look is simple: manage your flyaways! Unwanted frizz and stray hairs just look unkempt, even if you’re otherwise totally put together. A dab of hand cream is all it takes to smooth hair and control frizz.

Janella Salvador

Be glowy not oily. With all the spolights trained on the celebrities, the inevitable grease that shows up can ruin their picture-perfect, red carpet moment. In lieu of the usual oil-blotting sheets, consider the benefits of coffee filters! They're made from almost the same materials as blotting papers but are thicker and more ideal for really oily skin.

Gretchen Ho

Don't rub your feet the wrong way. Lathering up your lil' piggies with some petroleum jelly saves them from the toe-crushing agony of blisters. Apply sparingly to avoid slipping out of your shoes or damaging the inside lining.

Shaina Magdayao

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