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In Focus: 3 Baking Videos We Love From YouTube Vlogger Conan Gray

In Focus: 3 Baking Videos We Love From YouTube Vlogger Conan Gray


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Let's be honest, YouTube has become one of our favorite pastimes. We endlessly watch our favorite YouTubers talk about their daily life, share their hauls, and many more. We sometimes envy them, from their skillfully edited videos to creative vlogging techniques.

Here, we're putting one of our faves in the spotlight: Conan Gray. He started his channel four years go when he was just around the age of 15. With his 487,687 subscribers and 25,138,790 views in total, Conan has made a community that supports his art, music, and vlogs. 

With his quirky and fun personality, you'll surely love his videos. For all the foodies out there, check out these three videos from one of the segments in his channel entitled "Babble and Bake" where he talks about everything and anything while baking quick and easy-to-follow treats!

1. Love & Cookies

In this video, he talked about love of all kinds while making heart-shaped cookies.

2. Makin' Banana Bread

He talked about random things and just babbles in this video saying he wants "to make these Wednesday videos easier for him to make." 

3. "Growing Up" Chat

He talked about the plus side of growing up and how it should'nt be something that we should be scared of while making Glute-free brownies.  

Conan Gray is one of the many YouTube stars you might want to suscribe to.  He can be your source of inspiration for an artful and creative life.  Who's your favorite vlogger? Share them with us in the comments below!





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