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Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways To Move On From A Relationship That Never Really Existed

Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways To Move On From A Relationship That Never Really Existed


By Crisyl Ursabia
Chalk Campus Correspondent


Sure, all break-ups are hard, but it's even harder when you break up with a person who doesn't know what they want. It's hard to break up from a relationship when you're not even sure you can consider it as one. 

Ending a non-relationship is hard because you cannot pretend it never existed. However, no matter how hard it is, misery should come to an end. So here are some ways to deal and move on from a relationship that never officially existed: 

1. Make yourself busy. 

Flaunt that new outfit, start a new hobby, try out a new sport, or make yourself busy with academics. By occupying your mind with lots of things, there is a lower chance of you thinking about your memories together. And hopefully, it equates to you crying less about your failed non-relationship. 


 2. Tell your friends what you feel.

It's always lighter when you have someone to share the pain with. It feels better to cry when you have someone who will hug you and tell you everything will be alright. That is what friends are for. Tell them what you feel and let all the pain out. 


3. Give yourself closure. 

Ending a non-relationship is hard because you'll probably ask yourself, what is there to end? But still, closure is the best gift you can give yourself. As Silvester McNutt puts it, "Closure happens right after you accept that letting go and moving on is more important than projecting a fantasy of how the relationship could have been." 


4. Look good, feel good.

Looking good is a good way of letting other people know you're fine. But a combination of looking good and feeling good would be the best way to convince yourself that you are okay, maybe not yet but you will be. To add to that, there is no better revenge than bumping into the person who hurt you and looking your best, hopefully making them realize what they're never going to get back again. *wink* 


5. Meet other people.

Give yourself a chance to meet other people. Go to places you've never been before and meet new people. Maybe the best experiences of your life are just out there waiting to be discovered. 


It's hard being in a relationship that never existed because you don't know where to put yourself. It's harder moving on from it because what is there to end when it hasn't even begun. But looking at the bright side, at least you've learned something from it just like how other people learn from a real relationship.


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