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In Focus: 3 Last Minute Tips To Acing Your College Entrance Exams

In Focus: 3 Last Minute Tips To Acing Your College Entrance Exams



It's a week before your entrance exam and you're probably freaking out, worrying about whether or not you'll get in to your dream school. Even though you've spent the last few months doing nothing but study, you still find yourself unable to get rid of that nervous itch down your spine.

Well, fret not! Here are the three R's that can surely help you prep for the upcoming admissions tests:

1. Research

Find out the exact location of your test and how to get there. Visiting the school at least once before the exam day can definitely save you from the panicky feeling of getting lost minutes before your exam. Being familiar with the campus can also help you stay focused and at ease since you will no longer be distracted by a new environment. 

Aside from the location, make sure to look up what you have to bring such as your test permit, pencils, and erasers. Some schools allow you to eat during the exam, so you can bring a light snack to munch on while answering. Don't forget to bring water to keep you hydrated and a jacket too in case you get cold! You can also ask your ates and kuyas for extra tips and exam secrets that they might know.

2. Review

Go through your reviewers again to refresh your memory. If you think that's not enough, you can make a little cheat sheet and note down all the math formulas you always forget, as well as English and Filipino grammar concepts that you tend to mix up. Don't worry too much about knowing every single detail of every topic, just remember the basics and you'll be fine.

Make sure to keep up with current events to help you in answering essay questions. Have a small discussion with your family over dinner to gain a deeper understanding of the topics that might be asked in the exam. Also try composing a short essay then have someone read it and give you feedback to check if your writing skills are up to par.

3. Relax

While it might be tempting to look at your notes one last time before you go to bed the night before the exam, it is important to cut your brain some slack to avoid getting mental block. You've already done all the work you possibly can and now you need to rest. The best thing to do now is to get plenty of sleep so you can wake up early, eat a hearty meal, and get to the testing site on time. It's best to leave at least two hours early because the traffic will be hell!


We hope this helps! Good luck to you and we hope you get into the college of your dreams!


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