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In Focus: 5 Ways To Deal With Manila Traffic While Commuting

In Focus: 5 Ways To Deal With Manila Traffic While Commuting



Travel time going to work, especially when commuting, has consistently doubled up over the years, given the volume of vehicles on the road and all the construction happening simultaneously – a dilemma that almost every commuter in the Metro has to face.

Though we continuously wish for a miracle to happen, to have an easier means of going to our respective offices, we don’t have much choice but to be just patient enough and brave the heavy traffic every single day. While it all seems hopeless, we can still do something to at least keep up with this problem. Here are five ways to deal with Manila traffic while commuting:


1.    Watch your favorite TV series on your phone.

Not enough time to catch up on your favorite movie or TV series? Being stuck in a slow moving vehicle may sometimes be a good time to watch. So yeah, don’t forget to load up your phone with all those on your list!



2.    Read something.

Whether you need to study for a presentation before work, or just read a novel you’ve been wanting to finish for days, always keep in handy a copy of a material interesting enough to get your attention and keep your mind off the traffic.



3.    Always bring something to eat.

Longer travel hours may sometimes leave you starving. It’s important to bring something light to munch on because who wants to experience traffic with an empty stomach? Of course, nobody wants to get hangry!



4.    Take a nap.

Power naps are powerful and provide an additional source of energy for the day. But just remember to be extra cautious and mindful when sleeping in a PUV.



5.    Listen to a podcast.

For sure you already have your on-the-go music playlist to keep you in a good mood while in transit. This time, try listening to a podcast with a topic that interests you. This will surely feed your mind and make those long hours on the road extra productive.



So on your next ride to the office, take note of these ways to somehow ease the stress. Every commuter surely has his or her own ways of coping with the hassle caused by traffic. If you have any other suggestions, share and comment below!


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