In Focus: These 5 Specialized Courses Will Make You Want To Study In New Zealand

In Focus: These 5 Specialized Courses Will Make You Want To Study In New Zealand


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Education is an sure-fire tool that can help shape your dreams and achieve your goals in the future. Choosing the perfect course might be the most crucial decision you’ll have to make upon entering college. Some might find it hard to find a course that suits them because they want a specific one that will help them improve the craft they want to pursue. For people who want to find the perfect course, you might want to explore specialized courses.

Specialized courses are fields of study tailored to the interest of the students. It can helped them focus on the field they want to study which can help them land jobs that match their course. However, there are only limited institutions that offer specialized courses and some of them you can find abroad especially in New Zealand.

With the quality education offered in New Zealand, more and more students choose to study there. In 2016, over 3,500 Filipino students were recorded studying in New Zealand.

If it sounds interesting to you. here are five specialized courses that are now being offered in New Zealand.

1. Cyber Security

With more and more people being in cyber space, we need more jobs that cater to cyber security. New Zealand offers cyber security course programmes “that empower security experts to produce, assess, and advise on security issues and help meet the New Zealand Government’s Cyber Security strategy.“


2. Adventure Tourism and Hospitality

Since New Zealand is regarded as  the "adventure capital of the world,"  the hospitality industry there is big on food services which is their biggest source of employment. Filipinos are known for our hospitality so this might be the perfect course for you!  

3. Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Given that the Philippines is a country that is rich in argiculture, Filipinos can learn and hone their expertise with the help of the extensive researches and teaching facilities offered in New Zealand not just in agriculture but also in the field of aquaculture, horticulture and viticulture, as well as in veterinary science.


4. Fashion Design

Education in New Zealand is encouraging innovation and creativity among its students. Fashion design schools in New Zealand offer a creative learning environment that promotes design creativity with originality and awareness among the local and global fashion markets.

5. Food Science and Technology

With various university researches that are focused on agri-food especially dairy and meat products that are well respected all over the world, universities in New Zealand are considered to be a world leader in food technology.


Are you planning on studying abroad? For more course offerings in New Zealand, check out


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