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Fitness Inspo: Coleen And Mond Are Really Looking To Slay At The Star Magic Ball 2017!

Fitness Inspo: Coleen And Mond Are Really Looking To Slay At The Star Magic Ball 2017!

We are just days away from the next Star Magic Ball! And we wouldn’t be surprised if artistas and their glam teams are getting ready for it as early as now. As part of the prep, invited guests may feel the need to bulk up (the guys, at least) or trim down. After all, millions of eyes (and cameras!) will be focused on them strutting down the red carpet.

And then there are the, ugh, lucky ones who can come as they are, because they know they look good no matter what day it is. 

Over at the launch of Salad Stop’s “Eat Wide Awake Movement” campaign, actress Coleen Garcia and host Raymond Gutierrez shared really practical ways they stay in shape. Likewise, these certified fitness buffs also revealed things they avoid in their diets and exercise! Read on to find out what will keep them looking and feeling their very best on the #RoadToStarMagicBall2017. And stay tuned for updates on the night itself, happening this September 30!


Coleen’s diet don’t's: "I used to eat whatever I wanted and then just work out. When I would need to trim down, my old trainer would require me to eat a bunch of hard boiled eggs and chicken with no taste or marinade—just pepper. Maybe I got to where I needed to in terms of my fitness in my body…but I would not do that again. I felt so haggard. I wasn’t happy and it showed on my face. I (also) don’t eat too many fruits because they have a lot of sugar."

Coleen’s diet do’s: "I realize it’s better to eat healthy on a daily basis than to crash diet. It’s definitely having the right balance of vegetables in your daily diet. You can cut out meat easily, and a lot of people do! I have friends who are vegetarians or vegans. But the factor you really can’t remove is vegetables. That’s where most of the nutrients come from." 

Coleen’s exercise don't’s: "Before, I’d go overboard with weights. I would lift heavier than my own weight. But I have scoliosis. There were times that my old trainer didn’t notice my form was off. I would compromise for the sake of lifting heavier. And it’s really wrong because it can do long term damage." 

Coleen’s exercise do’s: "More cardio. It’s healthy for everyone! I do a lot of indoor cycling. I do muay thai because it’s a skill set. It’s something you can improve on. Instead of working out, I like to call it training ‘cause then you get better at it. I still do weights just for balance. But they aren’t as heavy as they used to be and I make sure to watch my form." 

Raymond’s diet don’t's: "With food, I stopped eating pork and rice. I just felt like if I was to cut out certain things, they’d be the easiest. Pork has a lot of fat and rice is not a very good kind of carb."

Raymond’s diet do’s: "My protein is usually seafood: tuna, salmon, shrimp, or any sort of fish. Once in a while, chicken. And beef maybe once a month. In the beginning, I started eating quinoa, then I switched to salad. For my carbs, I do sweet potatoes." 

Raymond’s exercise don’t's: "I grew up hating long distance running. I still can’t do marathons."

Raymond’s exercise do’s: "I do an incline speed walk for 40 minutes before breakfast. It’s very simple; anyone can do it. In the afternoon, I do high-intensity interval training with (trainer) Arnold (Aninion). I also do spin class at night. Sometimes boxing. But I’m open to trying different work outs on a weekly basis. And I’m enjoying it."

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