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Throwback Treasure: Take Some Makeup Inspo From These 'Au Naturel' Star Magic Ball Looks!

Throwback Treasure: Take Some Makeup Inspo From These 'Au Naturel' Star Magic Ball Looks!

An evening ball is an event to dress up for, by golly you can get dressed to the nines by all means. There's especially more reason to do so when it's... The. Star. Magic. Ball. In the glistening company of stars your presentation of yourself on a momentous occasion such as the ball ought to be noticed.  There exists, however, the danger of looking like you tried too hard. On the subject of beauty, natural makeup is always a very welcome choice if done quite right. There should still be a level of intensity that's noticeable enough or else consider yourself way too dull for a red carpet event.  Here are a couple of natural or natural-ish if you prefer, Star Magic Ball makeup looks you may fancy to cop for an evening out.

 1. Julia Montes, Star Magic Ball 2015, Makeup by Harlyn Fernandez. If done right, a properly classified natural showbiz makeup look enhances the person's real beauty. It also helps features to be more noticeable in photos with flash or strong lighting. Here, not only does Julia's rosy look so pretty and fresh, it's also very sophisticated.   

2. Jodi Sta. Maria, Star Magic Ball 2016, Makeup by Albert Kurniawan. All eyes were not only on the dress but on her as well. Jodi's eyebrows may have been a little bit on the intense side for last year's Star Magic Ball. But overall the look was still quite natural with a hint of lilac tones. 

3. Mari Jasmine, Star Magic Ball 2016, Makeup by Anthea Bueno. With or without makeup, Mari Jasmine glows. Her own natural beauty radiates, explaining the need for no excess and absolute simplicity when it comes to applying natural makeup on her. All Anthea needed to do in terms of definition was beef up Mari's lashes with product and most probably some light falsies. She also amped up the rosy flush on her cheeks and lips and define her brows. A bit of inner corner highlight was at play as well.

It's easy for stars like Mari, who have beautiful skin, to enjoy and easily wear natural makeup looks. But is there anything skin-prep wise that we mere mortals can do to improve our less than perfect skin for makeup application? Anthea Bueno spoke with us at a recent skincare event and she let us in on a couple of prep tricks up her sleeve. "I use a toner first, then I use a moisturizer, but if there's no time to let it soak in I'll just skip the moisturizer.  It's better if there is moisturizer but it takes more time. For oily skin there are oil-free primers.  I usually put primer pa din I use like a mattifying primer down the T-zone then something more radiant one on the outside. Para hindi lahat madamay na matte, kasi I'm not a fan of super matte." And her advice for makeup on troubled acne-prone skin? "When it's troubled skin, it's usually not the entire face, so for makeup I spot-conceal lang talaga.  If you just pile it on it will just eventually cake."

4. Kathryn Bernardo, Star Magic Ball 2016, Makeup By Denise Ochoa. You can have color in a natural makeup look. You just have to note that the colors that don't deviate from a look that is "natural" in relation to you are whatever shades similar in warmth or tone to your skin and its natural flush. Makeup artist Denise Ochoa played with peach and blush tones across Kathryn's beautiful skin last year, and the result was breathtaking!

5. Gretchen Fullido, Star Magic Ball 2016, Makeup by Anthea Bueno. Greta's makeup is pretty much on the more intense side of the natural makeup spectrum but it still makes it in by a fraction. We like to call this full-on natural. The contouring isn't excessive and It's still very clean with that showbiz lash intensity. The mauve lipcolor is super far from a crimson red lip. It's as showbiz natural as you can get for a lovely news anchor anyway. Gretchen went out certainly red-carpet ready.

6. Liza Soberano, Star Magic Ball 2016, Makeup by Mickey See. Because Liza is so beautiful, it's kind of tricky to spot what Mickey See did exactly in this highly natural yet evening-appropriate makeup look on her. One thing's for sure, Liza has false lashes on just for added length. Mickey didn't apply eyeliner in a thick way to line her eyes. It looks to be more of a soft brown pencil or deep brown eyeshadow smudged out and blended—so, it's hardly noticeable. A simple glossy lip with a natural nude shade underneath was all she needed to look even more stunning.

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