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Hotties Alert: The Most Eye Candy And Stud-Filled IG Accounts For The Curious Titas!

Hotties Alert: The Most Eye Candy And Stud-Filled IG Accounts For The Curious Titas!

What is it about beautiful men that women (titas, especially) find so fascinating? Beyond the obvious, the answer is found, perhaps, within the stories they spin for themselves when their eyes set on one. At first sight, most begin to project their hopes and aspirations for intimacy, where the sum of a man's parts plays an integral role in the epic love story she weaves in her head. The sensual curve of a man's lip suddenly triggers fantasies when it utters the first 'hello'. The undulating slope of his shoulder becomes a pillow that she can seek haven in. And the crest of his hip, an anchor to hold on to.

In the end, a woman sees the man for all the delicious possibilities he presents: the swagger, the sweetness, the vulnerability, the mysterious—all examined, analyzed, and sometimes, refreshingly played with and reconfigured to her fancy. Escapism? Perhaps. But it's one that makes for a delightful break from the tedium of everyday life. 

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Caffeine is surely a great pick-me-up to chase away the morning fog. Combined with these stone-cold foxes? Lethal combination.


Bae's face when you tell him there's no more coffee ?? Photo of @garethmdavies #menandcoffee

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Hummus is a Levantine dip that lends itself well to various pairings. Matching a serving with a generous helping of hotties is, therefore, a foregone conclusion.


Hummus at its finest ?????? #hotdudesandhummus • • @benjorben

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Seriously, it's all about the length of his locks. Truth be told, only a lucky few can rock this look, hence our fascination with it.  

Scruff plus buff spell out enticing doses of badassery that is quite hard to resist.

The sinfulness of our favorite guilty pleasure is amplified a thousand times over when you add these baes into the mix.


Monday is looking up #mondayfunday #workforpizza

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Men with dogs are always winners in our books.


Suns Out, Tongues Out ???? @dustylachowicz @mr.monsterpup ??@jasonhowardnyc

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Own a cat and we know you’re a man who is comfortable with the spirit of independence.

Inked up dudes somehow trigger our inner need to tame his wild nature.


@levistocke ?? #BeardsAndTats

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There's a certain kind of allure that comes along with gorgeous gents who read; bonus points for reading titles we actually enjoy.

Why the DILF? Because a man who can show us his capability to love something other than beer, baseball, and his mother, is a man who’s willing to be vulnerable. And, that does it for us. Every. Single. Time. 


These daddies are tooo handsome ?????? double DILF spotting in Fantasyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsababe #dilf

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