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Fitness Inspo: Get To Know Online Sensation Rendon Labador Past His Guns And God-Given Bod

Fitness Inspo: Get To Know Online Sensation Rendon Labador Past His Guns And God-Given Bod

People have many ways of discovering fitness motivation today. Some stick closer to friends who are inclined to be more active and like to work out often, drawing from their strength and commitment. Online, you can find a number of fitness motivators, professionals, and influencers to inspire you to jumpstart making fitness a part of your daily life. One such fitness role model who is easily in the lead pack online among the sculpted is Rendon Labador.

"My dad was once with the military and we were trained to live a healthy vice-free lifestyle. My mom, being religious, gave me a good moral foundation when it came to respecting my body," he begins.

As with any talent online with a growing audience (his is now upward from 1 .3 million fans on Facebook) Rendon has encountered his fair share of challenges and setbacks. But his ultimate edge over all that is never letting anyone or anything change his mindset about what he's committed to; to keep creating ultra fitness content and sharing the macro results of his hard-earned gains.

"My journey seems ordinary but it's really more about hard work. Whenever I encounter frustration or disappointment, I turn to our gym and exhaust my emotions. Eventually, you'll observe that each muscle you tone is like part of a process of dealing with your own struggles. Now that I'm in my best shape, it reminds me of how I've handled obstacles in more positive ways."

Rendon recalls the exact day he put up his first post. It was one of his early steps towards a fitter lifestyle, which led to him meeting the right people. "My first post was on February 9, 2014 and my real intention was to document my journey from being overweight to becoming someone fit. Since then, I just kept on uploading until recently I met good people along the way who also believe that fitness should be part of  an ideal lifestyle."   

"I met friends who introduced me to Mutant Supplements that helped me out in achieving my form and strength. Dr. Em Sevilla currently takes care of my skincare. They all supported me in reaching more people I can share my advocacy with like the small communities in Rizal, Bulacan, Metro Manila and many more areas."

Rendon's Facebook vlogs document his everyday life, containing his tried and tested fitness tips, workout techniques, and eating regimens.  


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Seeing him on the go, work out, and even just pose with a flash of those pearly whites gets hordes of Filipinos motivated to join him on his continuous fitness journey.

"I believe that my videos have varying types of impact on different people. My most sensational video is the Bench Press vid but I am surprised that some people have said that it's my creativity on how I create my workout videos and my on-cam character that keeps them more glued."

"Currently, I'm the only Filipino ambassador of Muscle Mania, the fitness competition that also features Chul Soon, Simeon Panda. Even 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson supports its events." 

What most of his fans love we observe is simply how comfortable Rendon literally is in his own skin. There's just an open positivity and go-getter vibe plus his ministry of sharing how much "bigger" life can be with your "guns" constantly on the rise.  

Rendon just genuinely loves to share not just about his workouts, but about his diet as well. He's not too macho to do the hands-on job of cooking his own meals. Hot macho men in the kitchen? We're all for that!


When it comes to becoming fit and seeing those lean results one of the biggest sacrifices people need to make is eating clean. He does mention a couple of food types to totally avoid if you happen to be purist 'bout your fitness goals.  "Ice cream, number one! 'Lam mo na, guilty tayo, ice cream, soft drinks, and yung pinakamahirap, processed food." He admits it isn't easy but if committing to a certain physique is your goal, staying the course even in terms of food is key.   

"My fitness journey started at a very young age. I was not at my best shape then. I enjoyed fast food and things that are usually we refer to as 'fun.' We eat junk food because we tend to believe that we don't have a choice, we are lazy to find healthier meals. Put it this way, when you fall in love it's like you're willing to do everything to keep the passion. You may make some mistakes but you still need to commit." 

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