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In Focus: Millennials React On #CHRBudgetCheaper

In Focus: Millennials React On #CHRBudgetCheaper



Aside from the typhoon Lannie and tropical depression Maring, the current talk of the town is the Php 1,000 approved budget for the Commission on Human Rights in 2018 as voted by majority of the Congress. As usual, various reactions popped up from several netizens using the hashtag #CHRBudgetCheaper.

Here, we've gathered some of the most interesting tweets that prove that such amount is too ridiculous for anyone especially for an agency whose job is to protect human rights.

1. When your makeup is your shield:

2. When you realize how much the monthly rent in an internet shop is:

3. When the amount of tuition per unit is higher:

4. When the surge is higher:

5. When you like your everyday coffee branded:

6. When rebonded hair now costs more:

7. When wigs become a luxury:

8. When you think of your cheap ex:

9. When the new iPhone is more expensive than anything else:

10. When you have to pay more for your books:


And the list goes on. Let us know your reactions on this hot topic and share your thoughts in the comments section below!





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