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Fitness Inspo: Vlogger And Frisbee Player Cassie Umali Shows How Game Attitude Is Aptitude!

Fitness Inspo: Vlogger And Frisbee Player Cassie Umali Shows How Game Attitude Is Aptitude!

Fitness vlogger Cassie Umali saw her fitness journey start in sports. Cassie's brother asked her to play ultimate frisbee with him one day, followed it with an enrollment at Gold's Gym, and the rest was history.

If you're feeling in the pits about your own weight gain, Cassie had the exact same feeling once upon a time. She had her weight gain slump prior to playing frisbee on her brother's team many years ago. Since then, though, her life has never been the same.

"About two years ago, I joined the Philippine team for the Touch (Football) World Cup so we were sent to Australia and our coach was really adamant with fitness and that was his top priority. That’s one of the things that was my speciality on the team. That was the time in my life when I was the fittest because we were doing phase running twice a week," she recalls.

Now, Cassie is known online as an Adidas ambassador and for her fitness influencer joie de vivre in her YouTube vids. She reiterates that she isn't a professional trainer, but has been trained by very good professionals on the side for her various sports like touch football and ultimate frisbee.

Cassie aims primarily to be fitspo motivation incarnate for everyone interested in leveling up their strength and physique. "The thing that I started on Instagram is that I just do my workouts and post them online and then people follow me and they get inspired.  I think that’s awesome because it’s a different level being an inspiration for someone else to help them find the fire within them to actually burn those calories." Her sunny attitude and keen speak easily get her noticed as a newbie vlogger on her channel and her edits are, we have to say, quite swag.


"You glow when you eat right and train for might." - #cASSpirationOriginal

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Cassie looks up to her online celebrity fitspo role model—"My favorite on instagram is Anllela Sagra. She’s Colombian, she’s a fitness model and she’s a fitspiration to a lot of people. She has about 9 million followers or something already, she’s my favourite because she makes abs on a woman really sexy and that’s the reason why I’m comfortable to have abs as well. At first, when I started getting abs people didn’t realize I didn’t want them in the first place. Then when I saw her on Instagram, she showed that it’s okay and it’s sexy for a woman to have abs and look toned and to be fit." 


We'll be back at Alabang Country Club this Friday for a big int'l frisbee tourney Asia-Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Club Championship #cASSpiration

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Cassie's take on inspiration is that, like how she did it, anyone can do it. Like, in every sense of the word. Say, you have no equipment? She has something in mind that might deliver the same results: "The best workouts for the core usually just stabilize or strengthen your core muscles. Usually planks are really good and the good thing about it is it’s also a complex exercise movement where you’re tensing other parts of your body."

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Produced by Julia Arenas | Cinematography by Jana Jimenez | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Makeup by Julia Arenas | Shot on location at The Upper Deck PH Sports Center, 1 Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines | Special thanks to Don Allado for Upper Deck PH 




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