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In Focus: 5 Types of Foodies You'll Encounter on Instagram

In Focus: 5 Types of Foodies You'll Encounter on Instagram


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent


We all know that #foodislife, and everyone talks about food all the time. Social media-savvy millenials are always on the hunt for the “new food experience” and different kinds of foodies start to emerge in the social media sphere. With that, our cravings intensify and we are all obsessed with eating and discovering new places more than ever.

We're pretty sure that your social media feeds are filled with different posts on all things food. Here, we listede 5 types of #foodies you probably encounter on a daily basis.


1. The “Like and Share” Foodie

Scroll, scroll, scroll, food, like. This foodie is always on social media looking for food-related posts and share them right away. Your news feed will be a complete #foodgasm because of them. They can be annoying at times (especially when you’re trying to supress your cravings,) but a little food post on your timeline won’t hurt!

2. The D.I.Y Chef 

This chef wannabe relies on social media for recipes. He treats social media as his very own cookbook. One day he’s a baker and on the next day he’s working on a seafood dish he doesn't even know how to pronounce. For them its either a hit or a flop.


3. The Instagrammer

This foodie spends too much time taking a photo of the food they ordered to be posted in their well-curated Instagram feed. They take the plating and the ambiance of a restaurant very seriosly because, duh, #goals.

4. The Fancy Foodie

Wining and dining in fancy restaurants is all they do. Photos of wine and delicious slabs of steak will show up on your feed and make you drool. Most of these foodies even travel the world to have a lavish dining experience.

5. Food Blogger Wannabe

They devote most of their time reading online articles of food bloggers. A growing passion for food blogging will prompt them to put up their very own blog in the future. Eating with this food critique would be a great dinner laugh as they like to impersonate their favorite food bloggers.

Are you one of these foodies? Give us a shoutout below!


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