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The Six Fix: Want Your Best Skin Yet? We'll Teach You How To 'Sandwich' Your Skincare Routine!

The Six Fix: Want Your Best Skin Yet? We'll Teach You How To 'Sandwich' Your Skincare Routine!

There's more to skincare as a whole than just topical products and external regimens. There's a road that leads towards better skin, not just skin that's acne-free, skin that can radiate with health and have years shaved from its appearance. It's all about cultivating a better lifestyle and routine for your skin from both sides, from the inside out.

1. What goes in most definitely comes out. Whatever type lifestyle you choose to live can manifest in skin appearance especially after a certain age. What we eat, ingest, the air we breathe, and what enters our bloodstream will most often manifest on the outside. If we seek to have more youthful, clear, and bright-looking skin, we're encouraged by experts to cultivate a better lifestyle since better skin ultimately is a by-product of a body in optimum health. Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo of Aivee Skin Clinic agrees with this garbage-in garbage-out skin take. “I take care of my body by living a healthy lifestyle- by eating right, avoiding smoking, alcohol and exposing my skin to the sun. I believe prevention is better than cure.” - source   


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If you know someone with a birthday in September, Aivee skin clinic has a special offer for all September birthday celebrants, check it out here.

2. Know and avoid substances or elements that you're allergic to. Even pogi-boy, ABS-CBN Lifestyle Hotshot, and Dove MEN ambassador Miko De Los Reyes recognizes the importance of knowing what triggers your allergies, in his case it turned out to be gluten, for realz! "I went to a doctor and found out that I'm gluten intolerant.  So whenever I tell people 'I'm on a gluten-free diet' they look at me like it's a douche-y I'm just being maarte or something, but it's a real thing! My allergies were all because of gluten.  I've been gluten-free na ever since and life's been so much better for me." 


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3. Be picky with the makeup you put on your face. It's usually better if it's fragrance-free. It would be kind of an excessively huge deal to mandate that all women who use makeup should go 100% organic. The safest compromise would be fragrance-free makeup. Celebrity dermatologist Dra. Vicki Belo mentioned in recent years that Make Up For Ever is one of her favorite brands of makeup (source). We've tried and tested MUFE on various skin types over the years and it's safe to use on sensitive skin, is a huge favorite amongst bridal entourages, and less heavy than a lot of mass produced foundations on the market. Check out Denise Laurel's flawless look below!

It's long-wearing, light, and is a trusted brand of many professional makeup artists especially in our humid tropical weather.

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4. Choose your weapons and topically hydrate and nourish. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of applying anti-aging skincare before bed. We favor trusted brands that do marine-based skincare and also Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid loaded products. Former Metro beauty editor Cat Juan Ledesma mentions a couple of her favorites, and advanced facialist Isabelle Bellis shows us how moisturizers and product should be applied.


5. Drink glow-infusing supplements from trusted brands. If serums and creams aren't your thing, it turns out Vitamin C, Collagen and hyaluronic acid, yes, the topically nourishing faves we just mentioned, work from the inside out as well and are highly effective. One supplement drink that Anne Curtis takes herself is available on the market via Mercury Drug at the moment, check out Shiseido's The Collagen, which comes in pills and powder form as well. One swig daily may possibly have you looking at the mirror twice by the third or fourth day. Don't forget to apply sunscreen still, these types of "potions" have no power over UV rays.

6. Make physical fitness a daily habit for great circulation. Sweating it out is a form of detoxification for both mind, body, and spirit. There's nothing like when skin has had a good sweat and blood circulating gives you that healthy complexion.  


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Feeling like you don't want to be a slave to a trend workout just yet? Try making one particular workout move work for you in the morning to get you started, choose between squats, planks, or pushups...all these are moves that work a lot of the body's major muscle groups.  Pick a number for a set to commit to in the morning, like between 20-50 reps.  Start with one move.  Commit to that for a week then add 10 more reps as every week goes by, or add a new move and slowly build your routine.  Before adding new moves it's always best to consult a fitness professional so you know exactly what you need to move you in the right direction.

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Photograph courtesy of Aivee Teo's Instagram (@draivee)




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