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Cheat Sheet: 5 Celeb-Approved Beauty Tips That Would Get Anyone Star Magic Ball 2017-Ready!

Cheat Sheet: 5 Celeb-Approved Beauty Tips That Would Get Anyone Star Magic Ball 2017-Ready!

The 'Ber months have just begun, and we all know what you're thinking—there's a whole slew of socials, events, gatherings, and the occasional fancy dinner lined up all the way 'til Christmas! Along with all these people get-togethers like the upcoming Star Magic Ball 2017, for example, an avalanche of photo-ops await attendees.  To be expected is the whole "if-it-wasn't-documented-it-didn't-happen" mode everyone switches to. That alone makes a lot of us wish we could transform our weary selves in a fortnight. You can with a bit of mustered confidence and these tried-and-tested, celeb-approved beauty secrets!


1. Massages are recommended days before the main event, to calm those nerves and deposit a relaxed vibe, even Solenn is a convert. Solenn herself admitted she wasn't super into massages but it's true that when you suddenly get a really good one, you absolutely won't forget it. When a series of events is headed our way, we want our muscles pampered.


Emotera ng bayan. Not usually into massages but tonights was goooood :)

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There are even forms of massage for the face that are great to follow for lymphatic drainage and overnight absorption of skincare products. Kate Winslet's makeup artist Lisa Eldridge demonstrates her method below, and so does advanced facialist Isabelle Bellis (whose A-list client list is top secret)

Lisa Eldridge, Celebrity Pro Make-up Artist, Creative Director for Lancome  

Advanced Facialist, Isabelle Bellis demonstrates how to massage in skin product.

2. Multivitamin-infused collagen drinks from Japan are really glow-givers. Like what Angel Locsin has taken for eight years, they actually bring out natural skin radiance in as little as three-four days, no shadows and mirrors involved. We've tried them as well and experienced a rosy glow in as little as three days. There are a couple of brands that have this sort of collagen, glow-infusing formula down pat, and it's so much safer to go for the Japanese formulations.  A couple we've heard of are by Shiseido (the one Anne Curtis takes) and Mosbeau (Angel Locsin's choice). There are several others on the market in tablet, drink, or soluble powdered form.


?? GLOW-GETTER ?? #shiseidothecollagen

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Beauty secret for 8 years ?? Thanks @mosbeauofficial for sending me goodies!??

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3. Marine-based or glycolic skin toners prep the facial canvas well, Pia Wurtzbach always has one on hand. The MAC Marine Bright softening lotion Pia uses isn't a glycolic one but she can't be without it.  It's particularly good as a second step after cleansing, just before you apply your makeup. It also contains Vitamin C which in our beauty book always does wonders whether topically or as an ingested supplement.

4. Dry brushing as a form of sensory therapy and gentle exfoliation has lovely women like photographer Sara Black hooked on the process. The act of dry brushing skin stimulates relaxation and triggers lymphatic drainage, which banishes stress and calms the body.  There are soft-bristled brushes that do the job as well as slightly coarser brushes, pick what works for you. You don't want to work with one that makes you uncomfortable or irritates your skin. Photographer Sara Black has added the process of dry brushing to her already lengthy morning routine.  "First time I tried it, I felt an instant energy lift. I think it has something to do with draining your lymphatic system of toxins." It also buffs the natural oils on the surface of the skin and helps lift dead cells from the surface, encouraging the body to bring forth its own glow.


A post shared by Sara Black (@seesarablack) on


A post shared by Sara Black (@seesarablack) on

"Definitely adding this to my long list of feel good morning rituals: 1. dry brushing 2. oilpull 3. foam roll 4. yoga stretches 5. Himalayan salt gargle 6. kombucha 7. meditation 8. Brekkie #1: @superfood_ph #energyball and #greenjuice (or when am rushing the shortcut is a superfood tonic - @vitacocoph with spirulina/chlorella/camu-camu/acerola) 9. Train/workout - swim, bike, run, yoga (although switching the SBR for strength training to prep for the Spartan Race I signed up for) 10. Brekkie #2: Avocado-grassfed whey smoothie with a combo of banana/mango/cacao or whatever fruit is in season. Only after all of this am I ready to start my day."

Here is a drybrushing demonstration we've pulled up to get you started.

5. A handy lip and cheek tint is good to use as a staple minimal makeup choice days prior to the occasion. A lot of makeup isn't advised days before to allow your skin to rest and renew itself before the main event. Reportedly, Sue Ramirez keeps at least three spare lip and cheek tints in her bag—this simplifies things especially when she's on the go.


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