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In Focus: 10 Things You'll Only Experience In Seda Vertis North

In Focus: 10 Things You'll Only Experience In Seda Vertis North



Seda, a direct Filipino translation of the word “silk” is a very present influence in all Seda hotels across the Metro and is still very much present in their new addition, Seda Vertis North— it tightly weaves art, beauty, comfort, class, service, and value that creates the signature Filipino hospitality experience.

Seda Vertis North is the largest hotel in its area that offers luxurious, heavily Filipino-inspired yet modern facilities that are great for work, social gatherings, and leisure for the family strategically located at the heart of Quezon City. Here, we listed the things Seda Vertis North offers that other hotels might find hard to match!

1. Stylish and spacious guest rooms
Undeniably one of the best rooms you’ll ever stay in! The stylish hotel rooms serve the homey-Filipino vibe with an additional dash of luxury and class that is family-friendly. Whether you’re staying for work or vacation, Seda Vertis North extends their promised Filipino comfort into their rooms.


2. Grandiose lobby
Upon entering, Seda Vertis North welcomes you with the jaw-dropping elegance of their lobby as it serves art, luxury, and the signature Filipino hospitality. Whatever your purpose inside the hotel is—be it work or vacation—you’ll always feel the grand-Filipino vibe just by looking at their spectacular inner facade.


3. Misto
When you stay or visit Seda Vertis North, put visitng Misto at the top of your to-do list! Misto is a restaurant that boasts seven show and cooking stations. The food choices are so diverse that you’ll be able to take a trip around the world using your taste buds. Plus the art-deco style of Misto adds to the luxurious vibe. This will surely fill not only your taste buds but also you hunger for art and visuals.


4. Art pieces in the lobby by renowned Filipino artists
Visiting Seda Vertis North, it is impossible to not notice the art pieces around the hotel. Seeing the mix of the masterpieces by renowned Filipino artists like Kenneth Cobunpue, Ann Pamintuan, and Vito Selma made the visuals of the hotel A+mazing! #InstaWorthy!


5. Straight Up Bar
Straight Up Bar will surely be one of the hottest places that will be flooded by millennials soon! Seda Vertis North offers you a place to chill and hangout in the Metro that will make you feel less like it. The panoramic views will give you the best sight of the concrete jungle of the city. They also offer your usual beer, plus the hand-crafted drinks they serve are ahh-mazing!


6. Pillarless and customizable Grand Ballroom
If you ask for space, Seda Vertis North will give you lots of that! Seeing their pillarless Grand Ballroom, your eyes will have their daily exercise with how spacious these rooms are. You'll have the space you’ve been looking for that can be used for all occasions for the whole family be it debut, wedding, birthdays, christening—anything!


7. Meeting rooms
Want more privacy? Their meeting rooms will give you just that. With their high-technology equipment that are provided for each room and great selection of food, who wouldn’t want to hold their meeting inside this classy hotel? We would want to stay here every single day!


8. A fully-equipped gym and spa
Luxurious fitness—those words came out of our mouths when we went to their in-house sanctuary. Their fitness gym is very spacious that even working out is relaxing inside this hotel. They also offer spa massages for their in-house guests making your stay uber relaxing!


9. Outdoor swimming pool
One of the top attractions in this hotel is their outdoor swimming pool. Definitely, the outdoor pool of Seda Vertis North is an urban retreat in the city! Seda Vertis North prioritizes family, safety, and comfort. Seda’s standard swimming pool assures their guests that they maintain a standard 4ft. deep for adult swimming pool and 2ft. deep for their kiddie pool, thus making their pools hassle-free for everyone’s stay without the additional stress of worry.


10. Seda Vertis North is the home of Filipino hospitality
One of the best features of Seda Vertis North is their people. They boast the Filipino hospitality that bleeds through the whole hotel from the furniture and art pieces to the people that will make your stay comfortable and easy. Who do you think can serve the Filipino hospitality better than home-grown Filipinos themselves? Answer is none—Filipinos know what Filipinos want. This is what makes them the home of Filipino hospitality.

Planning your next stay-cation or work-cation? Check Seda Vertis North’s website or contact (02) 739-8888.


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Photos by  Seda Vertis North and Berwin Coroza




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