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In Focus: 5 Things To Tell Yourself When The Job You Really Love Slowly Becomes Toxic

In Focus: 5 Things To Tell Yourself When The Job You Really Love Slowly Becomes Toxic



One of the struggles most fresh graduates of today face is landing a job you love in a company you believe in or finding something as close to it as possible. Not everyone gets their chance right away, not just in a single shot anyway.

If you are one of those who find themselves in a company you like with work you planned to do from the beginning, you're one of the lucky ones. Sometimes, though, even the kind of job you're most passionate about can eventually become toxic. There are several factors behind this feeling, which can be both external and internal. But, hey, here are six things you can tell yourself when you reach this point:


1. “Stay positive.” Considering the problems in the workplace as just challenges, no matter how complicated they seem, only makes you stronger and wiser.


2. “You got this!” One factor of this dilemma may possibly come from too much pressure you (and others) put on yourself. Instead of being too harsh, you should just encourage yourself a little more.


3. “You’ve come this far.” Always remember where you started and how many hurdles you've had to overcome just to get there and how closer you are to your goals now.


4. “This, too, shall pass.” The next time you find yourself stressing about everything at work (even the lack of hot water in the pantry dispenser), you should keep in mind that you'll get over the difficulties eventually because everything is just temporary.


5. “Rest, but don’t quit.” Whenever you start feeling exhausted, you become close to giving up. You know what, though? Don’t. Quitting isn’t the best option, taking a rest is. Clearing your mind of the things that weigh you down will push you to see things in a new light.


It’s definitely not easy to stumble on a new opportunity as great as what you have now—so if your current job slowly becomes exhausting, try telling yourself these things first before making a decision to leave.


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