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Love Actually: The Many Ways Our Fave Hunks Asked Their Dates Out To The Star Magic Ball

Love Actually: The Many Ways Our Fave Hunks Asked Their Dates Out To The Star Magic Ball

Say you got invited to this year’s Star Magic Ball. And the guy or girl of your dreams asked you to be their date! Would it send you over the moon? How would you react? 

More importantly, how would you like to be asked? 

Star Magic Ball is one of the most awaited events in showbiz. For one night, artistas and public figures take time off their jam-packed schedules to dress fabulously and celebrate all that Star Magic has achieved and blessed its audiences with. Fans everywhere have watched reel and real love teams grace the occasion for 10 years. Seeing them come hand in hand already drives them crazy, but the stories behind their joint attendance are just as buzzworthy! 

Let’s look back at how ten of today’s hottest hunks convinced (and are still convincing) their ladies to say ‘yes.’ Feel free to express your personal preference in the comments section. And stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming ball, happening on September 30! 

1. Bailey May and Ylona Garcia.

“You’re super sweet just like your all time favorite treat” were the words Bailey used to describe his fellow Pinoy Big Brother housemate, loveteam partner, and top-of-mind Star Magic Ball date interest, Ylona Garcia. Their respective Instagram posts on September 24 reveal that she was left gushing after the 15-year-old presented her with a colorful sign, roses, and ice cream as he asked.

2. Edward Barber & Maymay Entrata. The two dropped by the set of Magandang Buhay to promote their first movie, Loving in Tandem. While there, the momshies got the former Pinoy Big Brother housemates to play a new game called Bawal Kiligin. The objective: Players can’t swoon over whatever pickup line the other throws at them. The two were on an even playing field until Edward got down on one knee and asked Maymay out to the ball! But he didn’t stop there. The Cheerful Charmer ng Germany went so far as to gift her with a camera charm, to add to the bracelet that she was wearing on the show. Maymay lost that round for sure, but much to her delight and that of MayWard fans, she scored herself a date! Here’s the entire segment: 

3. Kisses Delavin and Marco Gallo. KissMarc paid Tito Boy Abunda a visit on his show, Tonight With Boy Abunda. There Tito Boy asked Marco point blank if he had already asked Kisses to go to the ball with him. He admitted he hadn’t, but made the most of their guesting by elaborating right then and there how he’d liked to! From the way she reacted, all Kisses needed was to be sure of his authenticity! ABS-CBN Entertainment uploaded the whole thing on Youtube. Naturally, you can hear KissMarc fans scream and squeal and see the smiles on KissMarc’s faces! 

4. Elmo Magalona & Janella Salvador. Turns out, Elmo spent weeks planning how to ask his Born For You co-star, Janella Salvador, out to the 11th annual ball! The two were on set filming their upcoming flick when 23-year-old suddenly broke out into song and serenaded her in front of the entire cast and crew! As if that weren't enough, he composed a poem! Janella told ABS-CBN News that she wouldn't say no if Elmo ever asked her. We bet now, she's beaming with delight! 

5. Heaven Peralejo and Mark Paul Robinson. Remember Heaven Peralejo from PBB? Mommy's Angel ng Makati got asked to the exclusive event by a Fil-Brit teen who goes by the name Mark Paul Robinson. From what we know, this handsome fella models and plays football! The pic below, which was posted right after he asked, shows just how he did it (and the gifts he bought her!). 


You're full of surprises... It's a date then, haha! See you at the ball ????

A post shared by Heaven Lyan Salvador Peralejo (@heavenperalejo) on

6. Iñigo Pascual & Maris Racal. Back in August, a #MarNigo fan challenged Iñigo to tweet actress Maris Racal 100 times. Right before completing the challenge, he sent his 99th tweet to ask her this year’s ball. She hadn't answered him until  September 17, when the 20-year-old vocally revealed on ASAP  his wish to make her his date. #KiligGoals, much? We think so! 

7. Ejay Falcon & Ellen Adarna. RSB Drama Unit confirmed on Instagram that the Pasion de Amor co-stars were each other’s dates for the ninth annual ball. And apparently, it was Ellen’s first time to go! Check out their hilarious Viber exchange about it! You’ll be in for a good laugh. 

8. Elisse Joson & McCoy de Leon. Last year, McCoy took their appearance on It’s Showtime as his chance to ask his fellow PBB housemate (and her mom, who was sitting in the audience!) to attend the ball with him. His exact words? “Will you be my date, my princess?” Watch the entire process, from start to finish, in this clip! 

9. Xian Lim & Kim Chiu. KimXi have been each other’s dates since 2012. And Xian never fails to impress whenever he “pops the question”! Last year, the 28-year-old actor surprised his rumored girlfriend with a giant, hand-painted tarp hanging on her garage gate. Talk about effort! 

10. Joshua Garcia & Julia Barretto. At a press conference for their film Vince & Kath & James, Julia admitted that the sweetest thing Joshua ever did was ask her to be his date to the 10th Star Magic Ball. This came as a surprise for the actress, considering that she had been flying solo to the event for the past seven years. But he definitely stepped up his game in 2017. How? First, he secretly hired a choir to sing Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" while holding up signs that spelled out "Will U Be My Date?". Then, he handed an already surprised Julia a beautiful bouquet of roses! Watching the clip is kilig, considering how they've recently gone friends to exclusively dating status. And if we were her, we'd sure feel the same way!


I'm a lucky girl. ??

A post shared by Julia Barretto (@juliabarretto) on

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