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The Six Fix: New Age Dating Terms You Need To Know

The Six Fix: New Age Dating Terms You Need To Know



In this day and age of modern dating, the Internet and social media has greatly expanded our vocabulary. Enter Tinder and Grindr, and you've got a confusing mess of old words that have taken on new meanings. Just when you thought you’ve learned the latest, there comes another avalanche of fresh terms to keep up with.

Here, we've listed some modern dating terms you need to know. Whether you're part of Gen Y or Gen Z, there's a huge chance you've encountered these before—and we break down what they mean.


The most known in the list, ghosting is when someone you’ve invested your time, effort, and feelings in suddenly disappears and you can’t reach or contact them anymore—they just become a ghost.

Zombie-ing or Haunting

After being ghosted, being haunted or zombied might come after. It's when someone who ghosted you tries to come back into your life, like being haunted by a ghost or like a zombie coming back to life. For example, they suddenly chat you up again after months. They’re making you feel that they exist or that they still think about you.


It's when you're in a rocky relationship and you flirt with someone new to make a cushion out of him/her so that when your relationship fails, they will be able to “soften” the hit or fall.


It's when someone you’ve been talking to gives you hope—enough hope to keep you interested, but not enough to make you two official. They're like a coach making you wait for your turn to play on the court.

Pro tip? Never wait! He's not a doctor for you to wait for and his love isn’t some medicine that'll cure all the illness in the world. Stand up, walk away, and don’t just sit there. You don’t know what or who you're missing while you’re sitting on their bench waiting.


Are you familiar with the tale of Hansel and Gretel? Remember what happened when they used the breadcrumbs to find their way home? Yeah, they got lost. The term breadcrumbing was inspired by that tale, when someone gives you enough attention for you to want more. To use sari-sari store slang: Tingi-tingi lang. In short, they’d want you to chase them and, when the crumbs disappear, they’ll leave you without you knowing how to go back from where you came from. #LostKaNaNaman

Slow Fading

This is almost similar to ghosting, but not quite. Slow fading is when someone you used to talk to every single day slowly backs away, sometimes, too slow that you won't notice that you two are already drifting apart. Some people slow fade to lessen the drama that ghosting causes; but, at the end of the day, ghosting or slow fading, they both leave people grasping at a relationship that was actually not there.

And that wraps up this session's dating lesson! Now, you finally know what your ex-someone did to you! Do you know some modern dating terms that we missed? Share them below and let’s all expand our new age dating vocabulary!


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