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Cheat Sheet: The Chalk Guide To Being A Better Roommate

Cheat Sheet: The Chalk Guide To Being A Better Roommate


By Elijah Celemen
Chalk Campus Correspondent


If you're living away from your family while in college, sharing your dorm or apartment with a roomate is almost inevitable. While some are lucky enough to have a condo unit for themselves, not everyone is as #blessed.

To many, they know that having a roommate has it’s pros and cons. Living with someone requires a lot of adjusting, especially in the first few weeks of being "roomies." There will come a time that you'll start to realize all your differences, and being able to meet halfway is something that you both need to figure out. If you want to skip the dread of coming home to a not-so-friendly environment, here’s a list of tips you can do to become a better roommate!


1. Communicate. Talking is important to establishing a friendship with your roommate. (Duh.) The more you know your roommate, the more sensitive and cautious you'll become of each other. Constantly communicating with them—even as simple as asking them "How was your day at school?" or offering to help in a certain school project—will go a long, long way.


2. Set house rules. Living in a space requires you to maintain it. Setting ground rules that you both agree on is a must. Make a list of all the chores and house tasks and appoint them one by one. More than that, be responsible enough to do the task or chore you're assigned to do and encourage your roomie to do the same.


3. Acknowledge each other’s differences. Often, dissimilarities start the clashes, both big and small. There are things that set both of you apart and, sometimes, you won't know how to deal with those differences. The key is to recognize and compromise. It's really the only way you can learn to live with each other harmoniously.


4. Help each other out. Being a better roommate also means having a helping hand. When your roomate is working on a project, be the first one to offer some help if you have a free time. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for your help if you need it!


5. Bond, bond, bond. Celebrate after a finals week, go to the gym together, get coffee before class, or burn the midnight oil together. Think of activities you can explore together, you'll be surprised how fun it is to be with each other's company. If your’re dealing with something emotionally, a roommate is also a friend you can depend on. When they’re feeling down, offer some advice and let them talk to you. Sometimes, all they need is someone they can talk to just to let go off what is bothering them.


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