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In Focus: The Perks Of Dating A Chubby Guy

In Focus: The Perks Of Dating A Chubby Guy



Some girls love muscular dudes chiseled abs and cut arms, while some are into skinny hipsters in slim fit jeans—but most of us usually overlook men who have some of the biggest hearts: the chubby guys.

Most people pass up dating them because they assume they're unhealthy or they don't measure up to society's standards of "handsome," but little do they know that they're actually missing out on a lot of things. If you're one of those gals, listen up. We're here to show you why dating a hefty hunk actually has more perks than you might think!


1. You will never go hungry. What diet? He's understanding of your need for regular meals...and snacks. He will never leave your stomach grumbling! Plus, you can be guaranteed that your tummy will always be filled with yummy food after every date!


2. They're extremely appreciative of compliments. Because (sadly) they rarely get them, you'll notice how even just a single compliment will make them feel like the most special boy on earth whenever you give them one.


3. Having an instant pillow to snuggle with. Whether it's just cudldle weather or you're simply in a bad mood, a chubby guy is definitely the perfect boyfriend to curl up on the couch with!


4. He's not obsessed with his own body and how it looks like. While your fluffy beau may not be ripped, he possesses a different kind of confidence in his physical appearance. He will show you that love comes in all shapes and sizes! 


5. He can easily overlook physical flaws. Because chubby guys aren't fixated on physical appearance, they can teach you to be more forgiving of yourself—flaws and all. You don't need to worry about your bilbil or your stretchmarks around him, for sure!


At first glance, he may not be the usual hearthrob that girls usually fall head over heels for, but a chubby guy can beat even the most good looking guy in the room with his heart of gold and sweet nature. So next time you encounter a hefty hunk, make sure you don't underestimate him—with that big body is a big heart that can hold a lot more love than you can ever imagine! 


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