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In Focus: Coleen Garcia On Why You Should Start Eating Healthy

In Focus: Coleen Garcia On Why You Should Start Eating Healthy



It's a fact that Coleen Garcia has one of the most covetable figures out there, and, naturally, we all want to know her fitness secrets. So when we got the chance to chat with her during the launch of SaladStop!'s "Eat Wide Awake Movement" where she was introduced as part of their roster of ambassadors, we asked her to spill the beans on one of the topics that we are all guilty of neglecting - eating healthy.

According to Coleen, her fitness journey this year has been a memorable one because she finally took time to watch what she eats. Back then, she admits that she just allowed herself to eat whatever she wants, but it had its flipside especially with a work schedule that is physically tiring. "I always felt so weak and exhausted and lethargic," she reveals.

This is what sparked the change in Coleen's diet. She shares, "I realized that food is really your fuel, and you have to choose the right fuel for your body everyday. Now, whenever I work, I feel like everything that I put in [my body] is so much better. I feel like the energy that I have is purer and much more raw."


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Coleen also emphasized that you can't simply exercise your way through a healthy lifestyle. She claims, "Just hard as it is to work out, it's also hard to maintain a healthy diet. It's really something that you have to commit yourself to."

When asked what she eats before and after working out, Coleen says, "Pre-work out I make sure that I eat something that gives me energy, especially when I don't feel like I have a lot of energy. I tend to eat more after I workout. I stock up on SaladStop!'s yogurt and muesli. I usually eat those right after working out or for breakfast the next day followed by a salad."

Once you're committed to eating healthy, it's not bad to allow yourself some cheat days. Indulging yourself with something sweet easily comes to mind, but for Coleen, it's still important not to go overboard with sugar. Her dessert of choice? "SaladStop! has this Greek yogurt that's actually really good. I eat it with honey. I think that honey is one of the healthiest sugar replacements. I mean, it's better than actual sugar. So what I do is I have that for dessert, and I mix in some strawberries, different berries, and granola."

Taking good care of our body is not easy, especially when we're surrounded with deliciously tempting food all the time. For a boost of motivation, Coleen says, "It will always be a struggle. Good things in life will always be a struggle. But it makes it all the more fulfilling when you reach your goals, when you feel better, when you reap the benefits of all the hard work that you put in."


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It takes a great deal of effort to live a healthy lifestyle, but it definitely pays off. Feeling good from the inside radiates a certain glow that you can't get anywhere else. Just look at Coleen! She's truly a #fitspiration, and we hope that you start living healthy by following her tips!


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