Cheat Sheet: Interactive Games Every Cool Parent Can Do To Level Up Playtime With Their Kids!

Cheat Sheet: Interactive Games Every Cool Parent Can Do To Level Up Playtime With Their Kids!

Kids are in the middle of yet another school year. And while summer vacation seems far away from now, they ought to have some time to play around the house. Moms and dads can certainly help by ensuring that there are fun, creative, and developmental things their children can do. Take a look at some of the ideas listed below, all of which were inspired by the recent Johnson’s Active Kid Playcation launch!


1. Create An ‘Imagine & Seek’ Play Pod. Challenge your kids to create their own castle, house, zoo, or garden using cardboard paper, small boxes, and strings. Bes sure to stay with them as they design. That way, you can lend a helping hand—whether that means using scissors or any other tool that requires adult supervision. 

Why it works: Turning images into structures can activate their imagination and creative skills.

2. Mount A 'Fireball Away' Game. Think of 'Fireball Away' as a unique take on dodgeball. Have kids pretend that the balls being thrown at them are on fire. The goal of the game is, essentially, to prevent the balls from touching them. 

Why it works: It encourages children to get up and move instead of gluing themselves to gadgets. It also teaches them to (figuratively) dodge challenges with balance, agility, and quick thinking skills. 

3. Set up a Dragon Maze. Create a makeshift tunnel using bed sheets, hollow boxes, or the space under your dining table. From there, you can customize the mechanics of the Dragon Maze game so that children can either complete a task or solving a problem within a given time.

Why it works: A game like this has a clear winner, which can motivate kids to exert their best effort (even under time pressure). Plus, it makes children use their physical strength and logical thinking.  

4. Build your own ‘Little Builders City.’ Lay out some wooden blocks, paper cups, pillows, empty shoe boxes, tubs, or pails you have at home. Then, ask kids to build a kingdom or fortress using these materials. You’d be surprised with what they come up with.

Why it works: Open-ended toys allow their imaginations to run wild. It also teaches them how to be resourceful when looking for things to play with. Not all toys need to be bought!  

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