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In Focus: These Emerson Scholars Prove That Financial Problem Isn't A Hindrance To Success

In Focus: These Emerson Scholars Prove That Financial Problem Isn't A Hindrance To Success



You probably still remember how your parents unceasingly lectured you that education is the only thing they can impart to you and your siblings—because it's true. Education is hope. It helps people achieve their goals and dreams, and it makes sense why parents work so hard to put their children through school. 

However, not everyone is privileged enough to have the means to support their children's education. Some people have to work extra harder than everyone else in order for their kids to attain a good education.

This is where scholarship programs like Emerson's come in handy. In 2015, they put up a unique scholarship program to give financial and technical assistance to deserving scholars every year. Emerson scholars are given a rewarding opportunity to perform their internship training in Emerson and a confirmed employment of two years.

Three bright young adults willingly shared their experiences with Emerson's scholarship program to Chalk and how it has helped them reach their dreams in becoming the best in their respective fields. 

Kim Gojo Cruz, a graduate of Chemical Engineering at the Technological Institute of the Philippines, says she feels extremely blessed to be selected as one of the scholars of an established company because she can apply her learnings as a Chemical Engineering student to contribute to the society. 



"Since I'm in the field of engineering, expected sa akin ang maging problem-solver. Natuwa po ako kasi 'yun po 'yung pi-no-promote din ng Emerson. Almost all employees are problem-solvers," she says.

"I wish to contribute to society using my chemical engineering knowledge. 'Yung chemical engineering kasi for mass production siya. It enhances manufacturing from manu-mano to planta, and it improves the products' consistency and quality—and that's what I wish for Filipinos: to eat clean and good quality food."

She also aims to empower female engineers by saying that it is possible to achieve success in a male-dominated field. "A lot of people didn't believe that I'll be able to graduate from this course, but praise God because I was able to do so. Hindi ko siguro magagawa 'yun kung naunahan ako ng takot, kaya gusto ko sabihin rin sa iba na huwag kayo ma-discourage 'pag may mga taong hindi naniniwala sa inyo. Bago niyo kuwestyunin 'yung sarili niyo, subukan niyo muna. Kasi du'n niyo lang makikita 'yung tunay niyong kakayahan kapag sinubukan niyo na," she shares.

Meanwhile, 20-year old Jomari Ramos, a fresh graduate of Information Technology from Polytechnic University of the Philippines said his scholarship at Emerson has helped him and his single mother's burden in paying out his college tuition, considering that he also two other siblings who were also in college during the time.



"I want to encourage the youth by reminding them that financial challenges aren't a hindrance to achieving your goals in life. If you really want it, you will do anything to make it possible and you will never give up on it," he says. 

There is also a 21-year-old fifth year engineering student named Joshua Gloria, another student granted with a scholarship by Emerson. He says that it has alleviated his family's financial burdens in a big way. "My mother is the one who provides for my education, so when she got sick, we really had a hard time. I was supposed to stop my schooling, but I was able to continue my studies because of Emerson," he shares. 



He says that his life as a scholar isn't a walk in the park, considering his heavy academic load and three thesis papers, but he believes that you can always overcome the challenges ahead of you if you really want to. 

"Ang challenges hindi naman nawawala 'yan. Laging may problema sa buhay. Pero kung nag-give up ka agad, wala na. As long as you continue to work hard, you'll eventually succeed and get to where you want to be," he says. 

Indeed, you can never underestimate the power of determination and perseverance. Just like these diligent students, you'll surely achieve greater heights with the right kind of mindset and focus!


Emerson, a global technology and engineering company for over 125 years, provides innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets, and has made partnership with some of the country’s top universities to ignite understanding and applications of STEM education.


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